10 Amazing Places you must Visit in Texas

For those that love going on vacation or holidays and for those that cannot do without visiting beautiful places both natural or man-made especially those in Texas, this guild is all you’ll need because it will definitely guild to know and locate gorgeous and amazing places in Texas you can’t resist to go and appreciate. So relax and study this guild, you will be glad you studied it.

    1. Willow City Loop – Fredericksburg
#10 in the most amazing places in Texas

Willow City Loop is a place you will love to visit especially if you’ve seen some Texas bluebonnet, but the best place to view them is this scenic loop outside of Fredericksburg. So take your loved ones and don’t forget to bring some good wine and cheese for your complete relaxation and enjoyment.

  1. Hueco Tanks State Park – El Paso
#9 in the most amazing places in Texas

Hueco Tanks State Park is a park named for the “huecos” which is a natural rock basins that surround it, it was rumored that the park was a spiritual haven for ancient Native Americans who survived in the arid land using the basin’s pooled water. You will find this 860.3-acre park that is worth seeing, just a little over 30 miles North of El Paso. At the park, you will find thousand-year-old pictographs of these ancient Native Americans over the monstrous boulders, but just look and don’t touch them.

  1. Cascade Caverns – Boerne
#8 in the most amazing places in Texas

You will find Cascade Caverns about three miles south of Boerne. Cascade Caverns is in a limestone cave that was formed during the Lower Cretaceous period. It was once Texas’ only cavern with an interior waterfall, recently, drought limited the flow, but some people kept the water cascading through a pipe they made. This 64-degree cavern on guided tours year-round is really an amazing place to visit.

  1. Medina River – Bandera County
#7 in the most amazing places in Texas

Medina River is an amazing place to visit, it is lined with cedar, limestone bluffs, live oak, and the spring-fed rapids make it a kayaker’s dream. This river is less crowded, it is 116-mile-long, the river started in north-west Bandera County and ended in the south-east of San Antonio. You don’t need to miss some beautiful scenery provided by Chamblee Falls on the North Prong, where a 10ft water and baby 4ft waterfall.

  1. Devil’s Waterhole – Burnet
#6 in the most amazing places in Texas

Devil’s Waterhole is just an amazing place to be, it is the perfect place to plop yourself into a float tied with another float to house your cooler. So forget about every other lake and go to Devil’s Waterhole.

  1. Caddo Lake – East Texas
#5 in the most amazing places in Texas

Caddo Lake is one of the only naturally formed lakes in Texas. The lake was created by the gigantic log jam dubbed called “The Great Raft”, which began backlogging the Red and Atchafalaya River so many years ago. Caddo Lake is begging to be kayaked with Spanish moss casing thick cypress tree and a sprawling labyrinth of lush bayous and wetlands.

  1. Caverns of Sonora – Sonora
#4 in the most amazing places in Texas

About 1-1.5 million years ago, this massive cave carved itself into Cretaceous-period limestone. It has boosted one of the heaviest collections of calcite crystal formations in the world, especially helictites, you really need to visit this cave in order to see the ”snake pit”, where the formations are so densely packed and the “butterfly”, where two fishtail helictites share the same attachment point

  1. Santa Elena Canyon – Rio Grande
#3 in the most amazing places in Texas

Santa Elena Canyon is the winding valley that separates the US and Mexico. It flows with the water of the Rio Grande River and lined by towering 1,000ft cliffs, this water can be as shallow as 2ft to enable you to hoof it and paddle it.

  1. Palo Duro Canyon – Canyon
#2 in the most amazing places in Texas

Palo Duro Canyon is the largest canyon in the United States, the sunken valleys of this canyon showing off a seemingly endless array of green and sunset-colored terra cotta. This canyon needs to be visited, it is just amazing.

  1. Blue Lagoon – Huntsville
#1 in the most amazing places in Texas

Blue Lagoon is a clear spring-fed lagoon, an amazing place to be in Texas that you can learn to scuba dive or you can just swim in this amazing water. No need driving all the way to South Padre to get this beautiful water, because you can just go through the north of Downtown Huston which will take you just 75 miles to be there.