10 beautiful Lakes of USA

The USA is very rich in outstanding natural and man-made lakes. Those living close to these beautiful lakes certainly enjoy the freshness that comes with them. But unfortunately, some people don’t live anywhere near lakes and most of them are lovers of lakes. More to it, the majority of them don’t really know how to find some of these absolutely gorgeous steamy, swampy charm of the southern beautiful lakes in the US or the crystalline beautiful northern beautiful lakes of USA. If you are such a person, this guild is for you. Study the lakes and choose for yourself before a visit to these natural beauties of nature and man-made lakes.

  1. Crater Lake – Klamath, Oregon.
Crater Lake

Crater Lake is a famous lake because of its striking blue color and astounding depth of 1,943 feet down. This lake is the deepest lake in the USA and either the seventh or ninth deepest lake in the world (depending on where you are measuring from, whether you are measuring average or maximum). This lake is a caldera lake, which means that it’s the collapsed peak of a volcano. Another reason why this lake is famous is that the lake is found where the “Old Man of the Lake” (a full-sized tree that has been bobbing vertically in the lake) is. It remains one of the most beautiful lakes of USA.

  1. Maroon Lake – Gunnison County, Colorado
Maroon Lake

This beautiful lake of USA is one of the most photographed natural sites in Colorado, it is found in a basin that was sculpted by Ice-Age glacier and later dammed the landslide and rockfall debris from steep slopes above the valley floor.

  1. Lake Clark – Clark National Park, Alaska
Lake Clark

Lake Clark is known for its blue hue which is a result of the unique mineral makeup and extreme clarity of the water. Its original name is “Qizjeh Vena” meaning “a place where people gather”.

  1. Mirror Lake – Uinta Mountain, Utah

Mirror Lake is a popular fishing and recreation center aside from being one of the most beautiful lakes in the US. It is also home to the three different species of trout: rainbow, brook, and tiger. The beautiful thing about this lake is when you gaze across the placid water and silvery sheen of this lake for long, you will wonder where the water ends with the clear Utah sky begins.

  1. Lake Mead – Mohave County, Arizona
Lake Mead

This beautiful lake of USA is Arizona’s largest reservoir and it is important for the well-being of the people, their plants, and critters. This lake is also a popular place for fishing and boating. During the construction of this lake, a town called St. Thomas was drowned.

  1. Lake Tahoe – Sierra Nevada, Nevada
Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake located along the border between Califonia and Nevada, west of Carson City in North America. It is a very popular tourist destination. You can easily see how the lake rose to national stardom while looking at the glimmering waters.

  1. Crater Lake – Mount Katmai, Alaska
Crater Lake

In 1912, there was a Novarupta eruption of Mount Katmai that caused the caldera of the volcano to collapse into this lake; the lake looks ancient and mystical but very beautiful. This beautiful lake is isolated due to its extreme elevation and danger of scaling the volcano.

  1. Heart Lake – Mount Jo, New York City

Looking from Mount Jo, you will find this serene lake at the heart of the most popular campgrounds in New York City. The warm autumn foliage contrasts beautifully with the cool blue of this wonderful lake.

  1. Lake Monroe – Sanford, Florida

Looking at a boat on this lake, you will definitely want to visit this beautiful Lake Monroe Park, you can camp along the lake’s shores at different wonderful locations. Although entrance to this park is free, the launching of your boat costs $2. This breathtaking lake extends into DeBary and Deltona along its northern shore as well as Sanford along the southern shore.

  1. Lake Drummond – Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia

Lake Drummond is a lake located in a place called the “Great Dismal Swamp,” which is actually far from dismal. Even though Lake Drummond is protected as part of a national wild refuge area, special fishing and boating opportunities are being provided in this carefully preserved habitat. Lake Drummond is a hauntingly amazing natural landmark and also one of the only two natural lakes found in Virginia.

Which of these list of the beautiful lakes of USA would you want to visit anytime soon? They are all absolutely gorgeous and worth visiting. It’s not bad if one could visit all. Yes, one at a time. 🙂