10 Latest Science Discoveries You need to know

From year to year, there are scientific discoveries, inventions, achievements, and all these latest happenings in science are always published. Here, we are going to discuss some of the latest discoveries, so if you are a lover of science and always want to know the latest happenings in science that have been published, sit tight and find out for yourself.

10. Gorillas sing during supper

It has been discovered that gorillas sing during supper and this is a form of communication between them to express gratitude with their meal, to let others know that dinner is ready and for the head the family. This latest discovery about gorilla has helped in letting us know how language began and that language began in February.

  1. Three baby parents

One of the latest science inventions was revealed in September 2016 is a baby boy with three parents, this was made possible using a controversial technique that allowed the scientist to incorporate DNA from three people, and the baby will be due to be born in this 2017. This method was made in an attempt to overcome infertility.

  1. End of menopause

In July 2016, a team has claimed that menopause is not the end of fertility because they have found a way to revive postmenopausal ovaries, which allows them to keep releasing fertile eggs. This new technique may be used to boost declining fertility in older women that still want to have children by allowing them to get pregnant even when they are supposed to be having their menopause.

  1. Do trees sleep?

In May 2016, it was reported that trees undergo physical changes similar to going to sleep. This stipulation was reported because, at night, some trees droop at night about 10 centimeters at the tips, the reasons for this is still unknown whether it’s deliberate or because of the availability of light and water.

  1. AI beats human

Google subsidiary made an artificial intelligence DeepMind that has the ability to beat humans now at the ancient game of Go. In March these computers (AlphaGo) won Go grandmaster of games (Lee Sedol) with 4-1. This victory was truly a surprise to the AI and Go communities because they thought that it was too difficult for an AI to perfect.

  1. Space-time ripples

For the first time, gravitational waves were detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and were reported in February 2016 as predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity which says that objects warp space-time around them. Gravitational waves are formed when these objects accelerate. Their presence was inferred in 1974, but none had been directly observed until now.

  1. The Second moon

A second moon has been discovered by NASA scientists, and this moon is in stable Earth orbit and this earth companion moon is known as 2016 HO3. This moon is more gravitationally affected by the Sun than the Earth, but it truly orbits Earth too along with its orbit path of the sun.

This new moon is almost in a stable orbit around the Earth and Sun and it has been revealed to have been stable quasi-satellite of the earth for many centuries, although it has been suspected that it will disappear soon.

  1. Carbon dioxide may be useful

Carbon dioxide can be a useful product because it has been discovered that when it is pumped into the ground, it can be made into useful solid stone. This is called carbon capture, and it is an important way of maintaining the balance of the carbon dioxide emission on Earth. This process of carbon capture was done by pumping carbon dioxide into volcanic rock in Iceland, these turns basalt into carbonate minerals, which later became limestone, but naturally, this process takes many years to occur, however, these scientists were able to achieve the process in two years. This rock produced from carbon capture could be stored under the ground or used as a building material.

  1. The mystery planet nine

Two astronomers in January 2016 reported that a planet around ten times the mass of Earth might be existing in the outer reaches of our solar system, on an orbit that comes no closer than 200 times the distance between the sun and Earth, and this was called planet nine. But this planet hasn’t been seen but its presence was felt from the strange orbit of smaller bodies orbiting within the Kuiper belt.

  1. New blood for the old

It has been reported in November 2016 that blood from human teenagers who volunteered was able to renew old mice, improved its memory, cognition, and physical activity. This method could be used on humans one day.