10 Questions to Ask a Guy Before Dating

Looking for some questions to ask a guy before dating him? I understand that getting to know someone takes time and that there are times when you can’t expect much from the guy you like, but there are occasions when it is better to prepare for undesirable outcomes.

The following are questions a woman should ask a man at the start of a relationship. He might not like some of the questions, but it’s good to know the truth before you develop a deep intimacy with him.

Do you want to get to know someone but don’t know how to go about it? In this article, I’ll give you some questions that can help you learn more about his worldview, his interests, and his outlook on life… right before you start showing love in a relationship. 

Here are the top 10 questions to ask a guy before dating:

1. What do you hope to get out of this relationship?

Want questions to ask a guy to know his intentions? Just ask him this. What’s he looking for in this relationship? Not everyone views relationships in the same way. So it’s best to be clear about this right away and ask him what a romantic relationship is to him. And you need to be sure you’re on the same page. 

Are you in a casual dating or serious relationship? Do you intend to marry each other or your relationship is just friends with benefits?  If you don’t have the same goal, it may cause a fight later on in your relationship.

2. Do you wish to have kids?

Here’s one of the questions to ask a guy to know his intentions before marriage. Some people dating themselves never discuss it, so when one partner expresses a desire to become a parent, the other may come as a shock and be upset. This will without a doubt be one of the fantastic questions to ask a guy before marriage so that there will not be issues over having kids or not.

3. What is your favorite food?

Sometimes, one’s favorite food can reveal a lot about a man. Therefore, if he discusses nutrition and fish as his favorite food, you will know that he is a contemporary man who values his well-being and appearance. But if he enjoys cooking, you’ll know that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen in the future. You must quickly master a few cooking methods.

4. Which song, film, artist, musician, or sport do you dislike the least?

Finding out what he dislikes could help you discover a lot more about him. If the conversation takes off, you can always move on to a more serious topic about society, politics, or the economy. To start the conversation, ask him what he thinks about this or that TV show or about the current hit song that is going viral on Spotify.

5. What do you appreciate most about your closest friend?

This question reveals a lot about a person’s moral principles and the significance they place on sustaining relationships in their daily lives. Be aware of their favorite aspects of their pals. How well they get along with them, and how much they smile when they talk about them. 

Without having to directly ask them, you’ll get a sense of what they’re searching for in a relationship, giving you insight into the qualities of a lasting relationship that they value and it will save your relationship from crashing.

6. What irritates you the most in a relationship?

Most people frequently bring out the best in themselves, but when they start dating fully, they begin to see the other side of their partner. You don’t want their negative attitude to surprise you, right? With this question, you may go past your partner’s pretense and bring out an open response to what they hate the most in a relationship.

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7. What does adultery mean to you?

Here’s one of the important questions to ask a guy before marriage. It’s crucial to establish boundaries in a relationship since sometimes what you consider infidelity may not be what the other person perceives as such. This can stop jealousy in the future. So feel free to know the thoughts of your man about infidelity. This will give you a clear picture of what they are likely going to do or not do when you finally start dating.

8. Is there anything you don’t trust me for?

Jealousy can often lead to issues in a relationship. “Who were you with yesterday? What makes you use your phone so frequently? You’ve been going out a lot lately…” 

We’ve all experienced a mix of rage, anxiety, and tension that has the potential to develop into something destructive and obsessive. When we believe that someone might take the person we love away, jealousy is the emotion that arises. 

With respect to another individual, jealousy is a result of a combination of mistrust and fear. Insecurity, pain, inferiority, low self-esteem, and reliance are all present in jealousy.

Asking him this question will help you determine whether your partner is jealous or not. Understand that jealousy without cause is a very strong warning sign. In fact, it’s one of the silent red flags of a doomed relationship. Beware!

9. Will you always have my back?

You need to be confident that you can completely trust your partner before you go deep in that relationship. Ask them upfront if they’ll always have your back, even when they are upset with you or having problems. 

You must be aware of that at all costs. Are they going to support you? Will they become your closest friend? Could you see this person being your entire universe if you were searching for a committed relationship?

10. What are your top priorities?

This is among the questions to ask a guy getting to know him. And what you think is a fair response to this question is entirely up to you. Most men will answer “career, money, and you.” You are wasting your time if you are not one of their top priorities. They should prioritize themselves, of course, but you should be near the top of the list.

In Conclusion

We can spend years with someone and never truly get to know them. I advise you to go out with him and get to know his attitudes and other characteristics that would also help in knowing more about him before asking these questions overtly or all at once. 

You need to ask the above questions without fear if you want to fully understand them. Do not be scared to find out the truth; there is nothing greater than sincerity between two people. After all, you won’t know whether you can or cannot live with someone else’s defects until you find out yourself.

If you want to build a healthy relationship that lasts longer, those are some questions to ask a guy before dating him and then you can decide for yourself if he is someone you truly want to spend the rest of your life with or not.