10 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Every relationship is prone to ups and downs often chaired by miscommunication and other issues of life. Most times, these issues help to define the relationship or make it better. Other times, it’s a sign that a party is indirectly looking for a way to leave. Of course, we know what makes a healthy relationship.

Some men struggle to tell a woman they are done with a relationship, especially when they remember the good times in the past or what they could benefit further if they remain in it. Less commitment doesn’t go unnoticed. It must give birth to some funny behaviors that may seem like the relationship is dying a natural death. You should be able to identify that he’s done with the relationship when you see these signs if there is no break or issues in the relationship.

Without wasting any time let’s dive into the

10 signs he doesn’t love you anymore


  1. Lack of communication

One of the most significant signs he doesn’t love you anymore is a lack of communication. As we all know no relationship survives without communication. This is much more serious and on a deeper level. When he loses interest in you, he will cut you off. He will lose the need to communicate with you in any way.

Whether it’s body language, verbal or just eye contact, he will break off all of these. Then, it’s time for you to realize it’s over. There’s no point in trying when you can’t even talk properly. 

  1. Being secretive or cheat

He gets ready, takes a peek at his phone, and smiles, or someone calls him, and he goes to the other room to answer. Moments later, he’s at the door, grabbing the doorknob, leaving you wondering where he’s going and with whom. He leaves you in the dark, you don’t know what he is up to, it gets to a point you hear most things he is doing from his friends. 

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  1. He makes you feel like you’re not good enough

Nothing you do will ever be enough for him. Naturally, you want them to feel that way because you love them, so you give your best. But your best is not always enough for him, he will always look for fault and capitalize on it. Once you do what he asked you to do, he will say it’s wrong and you could have done it better.

  1. He gives you little or no attention

He stops giving you attention, like when the relationship started, he gives you all his time and attention. He brings up excuses that he is always busy, and that a lot of things are taking his time. 

  1. He forgets your special events

He forgets your special events like your birthday, these clearly show that you don’t have a place in his life anymore. You keep reminding him of your upcoming events but he still forgets it. 

Things that concern you don’t move him, because you are not part of his life again.

  1. He compares you to other women

He compares you to any woman he sees on the street, saying that you should be more like her, that you should dress like her, or change your hairstyle to something different.  He always compares you to his ex and each time during the normal conversation he brings up his ex-girlfriend in what you are discussing. Next, you will hear that my ex-girlfriend was good at this and that, just to get you angry.

  1. He does not care about your feelings

He doesn’t care about your feelings, he doesn’t know if you are okay or not. He doesn’t care to know what is going on in your life. He doesn’t care about your emotional feelings, he doesn’t know if all is well with you.

  1. He lies to you

If he’s with you, he’ll lie his way out to go and meet someone he actually likes. It’s just that he lacks the courage to tell you the truth, so he lies. He doesn’t want to spend time with you anymore, so he makes excuses every time you call him.

If he hides things from you, he doesn’t respect you or your relationship.

  1. He is not involved in your life

He doesn’t care or get involved with what is going on in your life, your dreams don’t matter to him. He can’t find time to discuss your future with you. Even when you try to tell him what is going on in your life, he doesn’t find interest in it.

  1. He’s hot ‘n’ cold

One moment he is all into you, ready to give you the world, and the next, he acts like you don’t even exist. This happens because he is not an emotionless machine despite what you think of him. He has some feelings left for you. It’s not easy to simply erase someone’s existence and involvement in your life up to the moment you decide to walk away. He’s probably still struggling with the idea of whether he is going to leave you or not. That’s why he’s acting hot ‘n’ cold. 


With these highlighted 10 signs he doesn’t want you anymore, it’s easy to find your position in the relationship. However, some relationships could be saved even beyond situations like these. 

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