10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Do you know that there are other signs your partner is cheating on you aside from being sexually unfaithful?

Even though it is considered the most severe form of cheating, cheating can also occur when a partner breaks a promise made to whoever he/she is in a relationship with (such as one’s spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend) by committing an emotional affair.

Wondering what an emotional affair could be…? I’ll give you an insight… emotional affairs kick off mostly as no strings attached relationships with someone that isn’t your partner. It gradually keeps growing until boom it ventures into the inappropriate path.

This form of cheating is essentially an affair of the heart that drains energy from your main relationship with your partner.  It is non-physical, but has the ability to take away the closeness and attention you share or should be sharing with your partner…

Copy that..? Awesome, let’s see some of the signs your partner is cheating below…

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

1. They SuddenlyBecome Secretive

This is one of the major signs your partner is cheating here’s why… Couples who have been together for a while usually tend to know and understand each other’s schedules, movement, and what have you…

So, if he/she suddenly has their schedule altered, is not where they are supposed to be at the time they are supposed to be there or is doing a different thing from what they told you they are doing without a good explanation for the sudden deviation then something is up their sleeve, it could be a sign your partner is cheating.

Do they also start to experience unexplained mood swings, like getting angry with you or the dog or even an inanimate object for nothing? If they suddenly get uninterested in the things they used to be interested in then this is a good time to suspect cheating.

2. They Become Less Interested or Seemly More Interested In Sex

We all already know that if our partners suddenly become less interested in sex for no just cause it’s a bad sign, Right? Do you also know that when more sex occurs it could also be a sign your partner is cheating?

I’ll explain further… Less sex mostly occurs when a partner becomes engaged/focused/interested in someone else, they may not want as much sex as they used to because someone else’s is satisfying them.

In the same vein, more sex may seemingly occur because they are trying to cover up their cheating tracks because they feel guilty of the affair they are having and are making sure you don’t notice.

3. You Feel Distant

There are ups and downs in all relationships yeah, everyone has their highs and lows, but if you start to feel like you are getting a cold shoulder out of the blues or it has become a reoccurring event in your relationship, that may be a sign your partner is cheating on you.

4. They Become Inquisitive About Your Whereabouts

Is your partner suddenly policing you about your routines, movements or whereabouts for the day?

Do you get to answer unusual questions like, when are you home babe? Will you be picking up the groceries today? Or maybe call me on your way home okay?  Leaving you stuck feeling perplexed…

Well, have it in mind that while it’s cute that your partner asks after your whereabouts, cheating partners can as well ask those questions to plan themselves so they won’t get caught.

5. They Are Suddenly Bothered About Their Appearance

Tricky right? I mean it’s normal for a human to be acutely sensitive about their appearance right? Yeah that’s right, but, that can also be one of the signs that is cheating especially if your partner starts finding all kinds of new ways to show up in style (maybe by exercising or dieting).

It indicates that they are trying to look attractive for someone (possibly you, possibly the new catch).

6. They No Longer Stand Up For You

Partners are generally known to be teammates, sharing both the tough times and the sweet moments. A sudden change in stance and support may be a major sign your partner isn’t really interested in taking things further anymore.

7. They Make Unexplained Expenses

Wait!  Were you thinking the odd charges on your partner’s credit card, or the deductions on your shared bank account are nothing to be worried about? Hmmm… you may have to rethink because infidelity costs money at least for maintenance.

Still, wondering how…? Take a moment, remember when you and your partner started, the fun dates, trips etc. same applies for this new or perhaps existing affair. Ask your partner about these expenses, if their answer doesn’t add up to you or sounds untrue then that is a sign he/she is having an affair.

8. You Feel Emotionally Detached

This is one of the overlooked signs your partner is cheating. It is quite understandable that no relationship remains as intense as it was in the beginning after a few years however when one is fully attached to a relationship, their partner becomes their primary person.  You both tend to bond over time, learning how to trust each other better, share secrets, desires, and important aspects of your lives.

This process unknowingly to you both builds emotional intimacy and keeps you bonded to your partner. Now, when there is an emotional crack wherein your partner suddenly seems withdrawn or less attached to you, it could indicate that their attention has shifted to where their affair partner is.

9. You No Longer Seem To Satisfy Them Enough

The major aim of a cheating partner is to remain uncaught. Now, this silly zeal makes them seek for avenues to justify their cheating schemes. They may start first by comparing you with their affair partner or focus fully on the slightest flaw in the relationship which in some way connects with you and keep singing it to your ears.

They may even get frustrated at you for not being like the other person they are having an affair with. If you’ve had this type of experience in any way that you start to feel not enough, chances are your partner is cheating on you.

10. You Suddenly Cannot Access Their Communication Devices

This ranges from their phones to their computers. If your partner suddenly makes use of their phone or computer more frequently than usual, unexpectedly deny you access to their phone or computer and gives a silly reason you cannot fathom for this development, bear in mind that something is amiss… you may be dealing with a cheating partner.

Now, you may want to cancel this sign by saying one’s computer or phone is a personal belonging, of course, you aren’t wrong to think this way, however, being in a healthy relationship means that two(2) people must share everything together, including their deepest and darkest secrets if this part is lacking in your relationship that’s a sign.

In Conclusion,

These 10 expository signs your partner is cheating listed above can be displayed by your partner even when they are not cheating.

I don’t recommend you judge your partner with them, however; they are strong indications (Red flags) that need to be checkmated and sorted out before matters get worse in your relationship as many things can affect a relationship.

If you in turn found out that you have a cheating partner, step out, give yourself time, consider if you want to push ahead with the relationship. If yes, identify what needs to change to avoid this disaster from reoccurring again and let go of the past.

If not, bear in mind that cheating is a choice. Whether it’s in the physical or emotional form, it didn’t just occur out of the blues. Do that which you feel is needed of you and brace up to face the world again. There is definitely someone made for each and every one of us and we will meet with them soon.

Good luck!



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