10 Ways To Know If He Loves You Or Is Into You Just For Sex

Does he love me or is he with me just for sex? If you’ve asked yourself this question and would like to know the true answer, then here is an important article you should read.

Here is why:

Some men have ways of faking their devotion to you, but only for the purposes of getting in your pants. They sometimes do anything, making you believe that the real thing is happening when in actual sense, they are faking it. 

And lots of women have fallen for their sweet words, little gifts, and forever promises. The moment this type of man finishes sleeping with a woman, they stop doing all of that. 

If you are looking for an emotional and romantic relationship, then you can watch some of his behaviors to see if he is with you just for sex.

Here are 10 signs a man only wants you for sex:

1. Continuously wants to touch

If he is looking for an opportunity to touch you anytime or anywhere he sees you, it is a sign that he wants to have sex with you. sound good when you say, “I can’t take my hands off you,” but maybe his only purpose is to touch.

2. Constantly praises your body

Do you constantly hear words like, “You have a sexy body”? If he only compliments your body and beauty, it indicates that he is physically attracted to you. Women want to be complimented on their inner qualities as well as their physical features.

3. Their talk is all about sex

If the majority of your conversations revolve solely around sex, that’s all he thinks about when it comes to you. These types of guys introduce sexuality into everything and expect you to respond in kind. Make an effort to have non-sexual conversations with your partner.

4. Not concerned with your personal life

When you tell your partner about your day and your problems, you want him or her to listen, hug you, and assure you that everything will be fine. You shouldn’t have to strip naked every time you want his attention. The guy who really loves you will want to know more about your personal life so he can get to know the ‘real you’, not the ‘you’ under those clothes.

5. He’s not romantic after sex

If he says all the romantic words to get you to bed, and after sex his attitude changes, then truly he doesn’t love you. Because now his purpose has been fulfilled and he doesn’t need to be romantic again. That’s one of the signs he’s using you just for sex.

6. No effort to improve your relationship

Relationships have ups and downs, and both people must work hard to make the relationship work. You should not be the only one who goes to great lengths to make her happy. Instead of abandoning you, he should try to solve your problems. If he’s not making any effort to have a long-lasting relationship, it’s obvious he’s just using you for his own selfish purpose.

7. Doesn’t want to be seen together in public

If the majority of your plans revolve around the house and doesn’t want to go out with you, this could be because he doesn’t want to be seen with you in places where he might run into people or other girlfriends. A guy who truly loves you will be proud to show you to other people.

8. He does not consider you to be his lover

Is he keeping you hidden from everyone, not seeing you as his lover, and not introducing you to his friends and family? 

When pressed, he’ll make excuses for why he didn’t accept you as his girlfriend, but why is he hiding when there’s nothing to hide? That is how to know if he’s just using you.

9. Sex is all he cares about

When you want to watch a movie or talk about something, he begins to yawn, but when you go to the bedroom, he becomes completely energized. 

He doesn’t care what you want to do as long as his sexual needs are met because that’s why he hangs out with you. That’s one of the signs he’s using you for sex.

10. He gets angry when you say no to all-time sex

When you say no to sex every time he asks for it, he becomes upset, right? You realize that having sex with him is the only way to please him. 

Maybe both of you are not compatible. You’ll need to discuss with him what sex means to you.

In Conclusion

Ignoring these warning signs is a huge mistake. You may convince yourself that he will eventually fall in love with you, but this is where the majority of women go wrong. 

Don’t be the woman who makes mistakes when it comes to love, sex, and privacy. 

If you notice any of these signs in your relationship, it’s time to confront it and cut it out of your life to avoid being used sexually.