11 Ways Of Showing Affection Without Being Sexually Active

Being sexually active is not bad, but when sex is the only way you can get to show love or express love to your partner, then that is definitely wrong. This does not disprove the fact that in a relationship you have to get intimate with your partner.

Have you been wondering how you can show affection to your partner without being sexually active? Do not worry, after going through this article, you will get to know and understand ways you can show affection to your partner without being sexually active.


What you say to your partner is very important when it comes to relationships. Your words are so important that they can build or make your relationship crash. The effect of words is such that when it is misused, it can cost you your relationship.

So, with your words you can show affection to your partner. You can tell them how much you love them, how much you miss them or even how great they look. With your words you can encourage and support them in whatever they are doing. You can also give them hope for the future using your words.


The touch you give to your partner is a way of expressing love. It always feels different when it is coming from someone you love. Showing affection without being sexually active can be seen in your touch.

You can cuddle your partner, hold them so tight to you that they can feel your heartbeat. Touch can also come by giving your partner a kiss, maybe when they are not expecting it. Those unexpected hugs and pecks can be a way of expressing love to your partner or a way to show physical affection.


When was the last time you tried to prepare a meal for your partner? Or are you terrible at it? That shouldn’t be the reason why you won’t make them a meal. There are lots of simple meals you can easily make for your partner. At least try doing that, even if you don’t get it right, your intentions will be seen.

Cooking for your partner is one of  the ways of showing kindness in a relationship. It shows how much you love the person. Because for you to take out time, get food stuffs and prepare a meal for your partner, it really shows how much you value them.


After your partner agreed to be in a relationship with you, have you gone out on a date with your partner? Well, taking your partner out on dates is a very good way of showing affection without being sexually active.

You can go on dinner dates, movie dates or picnics. Just a period when you both will spend quality time with each other, talk about yourself and have fun. You can also go shopping or get involved with any other exciting activity.


Trust is something that is very hard to build in a relationship, especially when the relationship is a new one. Being in a relationship where you and your partner have trust for each is something very beautiful to have.

A relationship that lacks trust is a relationship that will crash at any moment. Because if you don’t trust your partner, you will always be suspicious of them. Lack of trust will bring so much suspicion and assumption in your relationship.

For partners who stay far away from each other, trusting each other is a way to show affection in a long distance relationship.  If you really want to show love to your partner, trust them. Don’t go about trying to know everything your partner is doing, who they meet or talk to. It shows insecurity in a relationship.

Give A Listening Ear

Be a good listener. In a relationship, don’t always be the one who is talking. Try to know what your partner is saying. Listening to your partner will help you understand them more. It will also help you to know how they feel at the moment and what they want from you. You can actually tell the intent of your partner’s mind by listening to them speak.

Be that person your partner will always prefer to talk to when they have a lot on their mind or when they want to pour out their hearts. Remember, a good listener will always be detailed. By listening, you will know when your relationship is crashing, or you may get to know how to make your relationship healthy and a relationship that will last long.


Learn to surprise your partner. You can send gifts to them in the office or even order lunch for them. You can also surprise your partner by visiting them, if you are staying far apart. Visiting your partner will make your partner feel loved.

You can also surprise your partner by organizing a surprise dinner for them. It is another way of expressing love to your significant other. this is how to make your partner feel loved.

Create Time

Making out time for the one you love is a way of showing love. That you spend time with your partner does not mean you don’t have anything to do. It means that you have decided to choose them over whatever you would have been doing at that time. It is actually you giving them some things you will never have back in life. Because any time that goes will never come back.

So, making out time out of your busy schedule to stay with your partner is a way of showing love in a relationship without being sexually active.


Lend a helping hand to your partner from time to time, this will show how much you love them. You can decide to help them do their laundry, clean their apartment or in any other way. You can actually help them achieve their goals in life or help them excel in their career.


Respect they say is reciprocal. When you respect your partner, you get the same respect in return. Having respect for your partner should not be seasonal. It should not be only when he gets something for you or when he takes you for a vacation, then you will now respect him for a while. No, it should not be so.

You should respect your partner whether or not they did something nice for you. The respect you have for your partner should not be tied to your mood. No matter how bad, sad or angry you feel at the moment, it should not take away the respect you have for your partner.

Another way to show affection to your partner without being sexually active is to respect your partner’s privacy. If you really want to show love to your partner, respect them.


How do you feel when no matter what you do for your partner, they don’t appreciate it? It hurts right? That is the same way your partner would feel if they don’t get appreciation from you. Wait. don’t get it wrong. You don’t have to only appreciate your partner when they do something for you. You can appreciate your partner for simple things such as the way they love you and make you feel. It is something worth being grateful for. It is not everybody they get to find someone who loves them genuinely.


Having a good relationship where you don’t have to be scared of getting cheated on or losing the one you love is what everyone dreams of. To have a good relationship with your partner, you have to know how to show affection without being sexually active.

That you don’t want your relationship to be all about sex does not mean you should not care if you and your partner are sexually compatible. Because, sex is also a way of expressing love in a relationship.

Now that you have know different ways of showing affection without being sexually active, you can be sure to keep your relationship running smoothly.