12 Sure Signs He Wants to Marry You Someday

How can you tell if your boyfriend is serious about his feelings for you? What are the signs he wants to marry you? Do you wish to learn whether your lover has any immediate plans to truly marry you? Maybe you’ve been dating for several years, but he hasn’t yet asked you to marry him.

If you feel like you’re ready to move your relationship to the next level and spend the rest of your life with him, but don’t understand why he hasn’t proposed to you

Don’t worry. Keep reading because you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll show you certain things to look out for to be sure you’re the one and how you can be someone a man wants to marry shortly.

Here are the top signs he wants to marry you someday

1. He is completely in love

This is key! And perhaps one of the most important aspects. You need to be sure that your partner is in love and that the two of you have that mutual feeling. You need to be sure that your partner wants to spend his whole life with you, no matter the challenges.

The truth is that love can overcome everything and is stronger than anything that can come between. Before you say yes, you need to be sure that both of you are in love with each other, that the love you have for each other can do anything, support everything, and wait for everything. That love makes you happy and you want to transmit that happiness to your children and the people around you when you finally marry.

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2. He has spoken to you about his secret dreams

If he opens up to you about his hopes, dreams, struggles, and worries, that is a sign he wants to trust you. He is seeking a long-term relationship.

Due to how highly personal certain topics are, men typically avoid discussing them. But if he opens up to you, it indicates that he has a high level of emotional comfort and intimacy with you.

3. He asks you your ideal age to get married

Another sign that he is considering marrying you is when he asks when you plan to get married. It could be that he is just waiting for you to be ready to settle down. Most times, men ask this type of question so they know whether you fit in with their future plan.

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4. He stands by you at difficult times

Nothing is more comforting than having the person you love at your side through a trying time. It is a really strong sign that a man is sincere about you when he doesn’t hesitate to offer his love, care, and support even when things with you aren’t going well. That’s how to know if a man wants a serious relationship with you.

5. He talks about having children with you

If your boyfriend talks about having children with you or asks you how many children you want to have, then it means that he sees you becoming the mother of his offspring. This is an obvious sign that he wants to build a family with you.

If a guy has no intention of marrying you, then he would not want to share parental responsibilities with you. That’s the truth.

6. He introduces you to his family

You know a man is serious about his girlfriend if he proudly introduces her to his parents, siblings, and relatives. If your boyfriend has already brought you to his house and takes you to family occasions, then he is preparing to make you part of his clan. 

Not only that. If your boyfriend really loves you, he will go to go the extra mile to be around them and gain their trust. And you know why? Because he wants to get their approval. If he visits you at home and spends time with your parents and siblings, it is because he wants to be a part of your family circle soon.

So, ask yourself if your family members are aware of your relationship. And if you say yes to that, it is one of the signs he will marry you someday.

7. Intends to have a joint bank account with you

If your boyfriend wants to have a joint account with you, then it’s confirmed. It shows that he wants to take your relationship to the next level. A man would only have a joint bank account with a woman who wants to be his wife soon

8. He opens up about saving for the wedding

This is another sign that he is planning a marriage proposal soon. If you mention opening a savings account for your wedding, then you’re really thinking about it.

Sometimes a man won’t open up about this to his girlfriend unless they are already engaged. Instead, he talks about it with friends. So, if a friend of yours slipped his tongue, then he might be about to ask you soon.

9. He strives to be financially stable

When a man is putting efforts to make ends meet, it is a sign that he intends to get married soon. He is seriously committed to having a stable financial situation if he is taking on additional work, pursuing a promotion, or looking to make investments.

He knows he can’t sustain a family yet, which is probably why he hasn’t proposed to you before. He prioritizes building his career first because of this.

10. He prays about your relationship

If your boyfriend often encourages you to keep your relationship in prayer, this is another sign that he’s thinking about marrying you. A man who prays for a lady is requesting God’s guidance and confirmation that she is the perfect partner for him. Your husband wouldn’t dare put you before God if he wasn’t committed to having you for the rest of his life.

11. He wants you to be his business partner

Your partner wants your relationship to last if he wants to start a business and run it with you. Naturally, no one would enter a business relationship with someone they didn’t want to stick around for a while. Consider this the beginning of a family company.

12. He has announced his intention to marry you

When your partner casually says that you’d look better in white than a bridesmaid dress during a serious chat with a friend who is engaged and they are discussing wedding planning, it is a sign of his true feelings.

Men don’t make light of marriage or the future by making jokes about it. He is therefore thinking about something if he says stuff like this.

And if your partner has explicitly stated that he wants to wed you, believe him.

In Conclusion

What would you do if your boyfriend proposed to you? Would you respond “yes”? Do you see yourself remaining with him forever? Are you ready for marriage?

You control the direction and future of your relationship. Only you are able to lead the connection in the direction you wish. Whether you want to marry legally or religiously, the answer lies in your hands. 

You know what you want and what you can adapt to. It is a matter of values ​​and principles to have a successful marriage. 

Therefore, my advice is that you do things the right way, because marriage is a lifetime journey. Seek things that are gratifying and will give you peace of mind in your marriage.

Strengthen your relationship through healthy communication, and very soon you will be looking for items to organize a nice wedding. I wish you the best!

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