12 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Healthy and Lasting for Years

Being together is nice, but let’s face it: it’s not easy. Making a relationship work requires perseverance and determination. So here in this article, I am going to show you 12 ways to keep your relationship healthy and lasting for years. With these things, you will become happy as a couple.

1. Make room for love

Throughout the day, make time and find a way to tell your partner “I love you.” It may appear insignificant, but it is essential you do so, obviously under the condition of hearing it. Any way is fine (there are no rules). A flower, a caress, a kind thought, a phone call, a surprise, or small attention may be enough to make the person you love realize how important they are to you. After all, the thought is what counts!

2. Be consistent

Above all, love must be demonstrated rather than simply declared. Consistent behavior in relation to the previous point is a crucial relationship-saving strategy if you want to avoid creating conflicts between what is said in words and what is communicated with daily facts and actions. Attention, saying “I love you” to your partner and then failing to be present in the important moments and decisions that matter in a couple’s life, is equivalent to lying shamelessly.

3. Communicate openly and fairly

There is a common saying that says, “One cannot not communicate, and everything communicates…” Every behavior is a form of communication, and communication is a form of behavior.”

In situations of disagreement or conflict, it is critical to confront and listen to your partner’s reasons and points of view with respect and empathy, without prejudice, and above all, with the full understanding that the apparent victory of one over the other is actually the defeat of both.

If possible, do not wait more than 24 hours after the eventual dispute to try to resolve the problem or overcome the conflict situation. It is also important to remember that contrasts and conflicts, which are completely normal in a couple, can represent a moment of reflection, greater understanding of the other, comparison, and, thus, growth and evolution of the couple.

They can, however, become a death trap for the relationship, draining it of all feelings and suffocating it with violent clashes aimed at psychologically annihilating the other.

As a result, when you find yourself in situations of exasperated conflict, ask yourself whether you want to build a better relationship or destroy what has already been built.

4. Recognize your mistakes

It appears simple, but it is not for everyone. Because admitting a mistake necessitates humility, courage, and, most importantly, social and emotional intelligence. Recognize your mistakes, sincerely apologize for what happened, and openly declare that you will not make the same mistake again.

Couples who have adopted this basic principle of interpersonal communication have a long-lasting relationship. Those who choose not to admit their mistakes and throw the blame on their partner, their relationships don’t last long.

5. Learn to forgive

Forgiveness is a selfless act of love that belongs to those with generous hearts. Whoever does not know how to forgive cannot claim to truly understand love. There are times when forgiveness, while difficult to grant, is the only way out. It may come at a high cost, but it is still an affordable investment if it is true love. Otherwise, if you are denied forgiveness, you will find yourself full of pride but also more empty inside, waiting to be able to “lick” your narcissistic wound.

6. Giving up on perfection

How do you know if your relationship will last forever? It is by not looking for perfection in your partner. Remembering that no one is perfect is an often-forgotten golden rule that, when followed correctly, can prevent unnecessary tension, performance anxiety, and stress in the couple. If we don’t accept our partner’s limitations or tolerate his or her flaws and imperfections, we either don’t love him enough or have (worse) a distorted and childish view of love. That’s how to keep your relationship last for years.

7. Feeding the passion

It means wanting the other person and being physically, sexually, and emotionally attracted to them, while also making yourself desirable and attractive in the eyes of your partner. Passion, along with intimacy and commitment, is a key component of the couple’s relationship on which relational stability is dependent; it is also possibly the most difficult aspect to manage over time.

To keep the “flame” of passion burning brightly, the couple must evolve sexually and renew themselves in order to meet the partner’s affective, sexual, and emotional expectations.

8. Create intimacy in the couple

The degree of intimacy that the partners are able to establish between each other determines a couple’s strength over time. Intimacy is an extraordinary glue, even stronger than passion, but it must be continuously nourished through a deep and unconditional mutual trust in order to function. 

Only on this basis can one completely reveal oneself to the other, reveal one’s secrets, and expose one’s weaknesses or fears without fear of appearing fragile, vulnerable, or being judged for one’s “erroneous areas.”

9. Commit to each other

In a relationship, commitment is by far the most difficult rule to follow. In fact, commitment entails, on the one hand, accepting responsibility for one’s partner, which is specifically linked to this role. And on the other hand, the will and desire not to disappoint, maintaining in any situation an adequate behavior that ensures conditions of emotional balance and stability in the couple.

More specifically, commitment covers multiple aspects of the relationship, all of which are crucial, ranging from the relational to the psychological, emotional, and professional.

10. Plan your future together

Every six months, take a step back and imagine what you want to do and see in the coming six months. Forget about the important things and organize weekends, social evenings, and dates with friends you want to see. It’s a way to ensure that, regardless of everything else, entertainment is an important part of your story.

11. Give each other freedom

To be a true couple, you don’t have to be together 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Indeed, having interests that extend beyond your immediate surroundings is beneficial, as long as you share them with each other.

12. Do not reveal your partner’s secrets

Your partner has confided in you all of their fears and innermost secrets because they trust you so much. Don’t mess things up by telling your closest friends. When you reveal everything to your friends, you betray your partner. Your partner’s and your sex life secrets must be kept between you two.

In Conclusion

Strong relationships do not happen by chance. You must put in the effort to have a flourishing relationship with your partner. Use the 12 ways above to strengthen your relationship right away. After all, having a good relationship is an important part of having a good life.