2 Basic Ways Of Expressing Love In A Relationship

Love can be expressed differently by different people. People have different love languages and as such, they express love differently. There are so many ways love can be expressed but the two basic ways are by words and action.


Words are important tools that help to shape our lives. The way we use our words matters a lot, especially in relationships. Words as they may are one of the ways of showing love in a relationship and also ways of expressing love without being sexually active. Words can be used to express love in different ways;

Care: with your words, you can care for your partner. The words you say to your significant other should be caring words. Care for them with your words by telling them how much you love them, and how much you appreciate them for being with you.

You can also use your words to care for your partner when they are being emotional. In care with your words, you can get your partner feeling good when they are not in the right mood or they are going through hard times.

Encouragement: you can encourage your partner by talking to them. When they feel like there is no headway with either business or career, you can express love to them by encouraging them. It is a way to show physical affection and also a way of showing kindness to the love of your life.

You might not be close to your partner but your words can go a long way in making them feel encouraged when they are having hard times, it is a way of showing affection in a long-distance relationship. You don’t necessarily have to wait for hard times before you encourage your partner, you can encourage them to do more or to put more effort into what they are already doing.


By actions, you can express how you feel towards your partner. Your actions tell more about you, what you feel and how you see the other person. If you love someone, there is a certain way you will act towards that person.

In a relationship, your actions towards your partner will determine how much you love them and how long your relationship will last. You can use your actions to express love in different ways;

Care: if you love someone you will care for the person. You can care for your partner in different ways, you can cook, clean, or wash for them.

For some people, they find it difficult to help their partner do laundry, for them, it feels like they are being used, but that is not true. If actually you love your partner, taking care of them will be something you enjoy doing. You will always feel happy helping them to cook their meals or even washing their clothes. Caring for your partner is a way to show physical affection and kindness in a relationship.

Support: it is important to support your partner. You can support your partner in different ways, you can support them by helping them financially, encouraging them, praying for them(if you are religious), and also helping them out with chores.

Gift: buying gifts for your partner is another way of showing affection without being sexually active. You can buy gifts for your partner to show them how much you love and appreciate them for being a part of you. It can come as a surprise when the person least expected it. Gifts should not be given only when there is something to celebrate, you can gift your partner anytime you like.

Dates: taking your partner out on a date is a way to express love. You can go out for drinks or have dinner in very nice places. You can also decide to go on vacation or go see new movies in a cinema. This will also help to increase your partner’s love for you.

Sex: sex is an action, it helps to build connection in a relationship. Having sex in a relationship with your partner is a way of showing love. For a good number of people, it gives them a sense of acceptance. They feel accepted and loved when they have sex with their partner. This does not mean that sex is the only way one can feel loved in a relationship. It is just one of the ways to show affection to your partner.


Everyone wants to love and be loved by that special person. Sometimes one might be wondering what to do in order to let their partner know how much they love them. Sincerely, you don’t have to climb the highest mountains or write your partner’s name in the sky for you to feel okay with yourself that you have expressed love to your partner. Your basic words and actions are already enough to show how much you love and value your significant other.