21 Questions To Ask Your Crush – Topics To Talk And Chat With Crush

Got a crush? Someone you have an intense feeling of attraction for, but you are not so sure if they feel the same about you too and you wanna find out… Cute… Here are 21 questions to ask your crush… you can start your conversation with these perfect ice-breakers and guess what?? These questions will help you to get to know your crush at a deeper level, find out their true feelings towards you and also clue them in to how you feel about them. 

Do you know the best part? These questions to ask your crush are crafted to be clear, casual, and friendly so that even the shy or quiet ones amongst us can ask without feeling like we’re trying too hard or are being too obvious leggo…

21 Questions To Ask Your Crush


You may want to start first with knowing your crush better, finding out how they relate to things, the reason behind it, and what have you, below are some 7 questions to ask, let’s get started…

1. Do You Have Any Passions? What Do You LOVE To Do?

This question brings your focus on them, it’s a great way to get them engaged in conversation. It tells you if your crush is a good planner, where you can fit into their plans, and if these plans match yours in any way.

2. Are You Obsessed With Something Right Now?

Getting to know your crush’s hobby and leaning right into it is a great way to get him/her talking. Ask about their interests, favorite sports, music, etc.

3. What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about you?

Even though we all should be less bothered about what people have to say about someone if they say that they are oftentimes complimented on their looks, confidence, or abilities. Then those compliments define them.

4. What’s The Weirdest Thing You’ve Done?

This gives you an insight into their capabilities. We all have our exploits, both weird and crazy nevertheless; make sure none of theirs were super illegal or threatening.

5. How Did You Manage To Be Still Single?

Find out; are their major warning signs here, what are their reasons, what and what influenced this decision. Know if they are dealing with something personal and what have you…

6. Do You Let Your Friend’s Opinions Get In The Way Of Your Relationships?

Just before you end up dating someone without their own mind, ask your crush this question. If yes, run away, don’t walk!

7. Do You Like Staying Indoors Or Going Out During The Weekends?

This is one of the best questions to ask, you guys, this question helps you find out if your crush matches your social rhythms, what your crush really likes, and his/her favorite pastime. If your crush gives you a shabby answer or says “nothing” then they are either not interested in talking to you or they’re generally not fun.

Yeah!!! You know a lot about your crush now, you’ve understood his/her person properly but, you want more… you want to see if you guys can get to go on a first date.

Here are some flirty 7 questions to ask your crush and get that first date!

8. What Is That One Thing You Think About Before You Fall Asleep?

This question is both intimate and deep. By asking your crush this question you’ll be finding out indirectly if they’re crushing on anyone else other than you, you will also be giving your crush a chance to tell you if you are always on their mind. If they say they think about you, then they definitely have feelings for you.

9. What Is That One Thing That Will End A Relationship For You?

Get to know their core values, their major dislikes, and avoid doing whatever they say. Or, Match what he values and what you value if they say their deal-breaker in a relationship is playing country music in the car or wearing too much makeup and those things are your favorites, then you 2 are not a match.

10. What Do You Want In A Girl? Describe Your Ideal Person

With this question, you’re literally giving your crush a chance to tell you where they like you or not. If they describe the qualities that you have or make references to the things you do together then there’s a chance for you both.

This question will also help you note if they only describe superficial things, like physical appearances and if they do then it’s a No. If you want someone to be with and not just hook up, then physical attraction should not be the sole reason for which someone would want to be in a relationship with you.

Don’t get me wrong though, physical attraction plays a role in general attraction but choosing someone who can describe their ideal person with words like “smart” “kind,” “has a sense of humor,” “cares about other people,” etc. is key because there’s always someone who looks better… when your crush meets that person what happens?

11. What’s Your Idea Of The Perfect Date?

This question lets them envisage a date with you and even plan the date with you in their head using their imagination.

12. Where Is The Best Place To Have A First Date?

This question works magically in two ways. It shows your crush that you’re valuing their opinion while also creating an opening for an invite. You can follow up with a polite request like “Can you take me there” if they didn’t jump at inviting you immediately.

13. If We Went On A Date, How Would It Go?

I would call this a bold approach, Yes, because it lets you find out quickly if this is a possibility.

14. Describe The Most Romantic Thing You’ve Ever Done?

This is one of the best questions to ask your crush so you’ll find out if your kind of move is even on your crush’s radar.
Let’s get deeper! We’ve looked at some basic questions to ask your crush. Now, let’s look into some deep questions to ask your crush to fully know his stance randomly.

15. What Excites You?

Once you ask this question listen with rapt attention to at least know if it excites you too. It can be as fun as walking in the rain, seeing the sunrise or set, or even seeing a little pet dog in sweaters.

16. Do you believe “True Love” exists?

Watch your crush carefully when you ask this question, if he/she seems lost for words, they might just be in love with you. You can follow him/her with follow-up questions like, what would do to top this experience if you had the chance to find true love. What’s your plan for making that happen?

17. Do You Prefer Casual Dating or Long-Term Relationships?

Asking your crush this very important question, allows you to gauge whether you both are on the same page. This is because you both could actually like yourselves but if one person’s interest is in having a long-term relationship and the other is just looking for something casual, then the relationship will not work.

18. What Are You Most Scared to Do?

Is it germs? Or failure? Now this very deep question lets your crush voice out clearly the things he/she cares about. For instance, if they’re scared of their business not going through as planned, they put a lot of care into their business and future. If they say they’re scared of ending up alone, then they are romantic and care a lot about finding true love.

19. How Easily Do You Forgive?

This question gives you full access to understanding how your crush can willingly let things go because of Yeah! Mistakes will be made no one is perfect you know, so finding out how easily your crush forgives will give you a hint on how long the relationship can possibly last.

20. What Is Your Biggest Regret About Your Love Life So Far?

Find out exactly why his past relationship didn’t work out. Did he/she make mistakes he/her is willing to make changes from, Was he/her having too many partners? Or were their partners not enough? Be sure to listen to facts and pick out points.

21. Has Money Ever Been A Problem In Your Past Relationships?

Find out how it has to do with his/her family, friends, or partner? See how these events, if any, have shaped his ideas around money?

In Conclusion

These 21 questions to ask your crush are detailed to help you transition from the friend stage (crush) to the couple stage, however, the main thing is to be confident of yourself first and be inquisitive about your crush. Also, make sure to be a good listener while you ask these questions as that is the only way to communicate properly and efficiently.

In case you are asked some questions too by your crush, be sure to give an answer that is true and that communicates your genuine feelings as well. Remember that there is no guarantee your crush is the one unless he/she makes an effort to say they are. These questions are sure to lit up your relationship with your crush and take it to the next level if he or she is meant for you…

Good luck.


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