5 Mistakes Couples Should Avoid After Having Sex

There are mistakes that couples make after having sex that could lead to seriouse issues in their relationship. Sex is one thing that couples enjoy doing, the excitement and feelings that coome with making love with your partner. Most times you might not really see it as anything but to your partner it is actually not right. After having sex, there shouldn’t be anything that should ruin the fun or make you feel like it wasn’t worth it. For one not to ruin the pleasure of sex, you should be carefull of the mistakes that couples make after sex.

Rushing To The Bathroom

Taking your bath together after sex is so lovely but it is actually not nice for you to rush to the bathroom immediately after sex. It can get your partner having different thoughts. Your partner might start assuming things or feeling like there is something about them you don’t like or that you were not pleased with the sex.

It feels more like the person is irritating you and you were just waiting for everything to finish so you can go and wash off. It is also normal for you to take your bath after sex but you should not be rushing to the bathroom immediately after sex.

Going To The Study Room Immediately After Sex

After sex ther should be time for smushing and cuddlling, it is not a time for you to rush to study. It would seem as if it has been in your mind all the while when you were having sex with your partner. 

No one is saying you can not study after sex but do not give the impression that all that matters to you is the study. This can lead to a change of mood after sex and can also be seen as sex mistakes that ruin relationships. Because, if you are always rushing to the study room immediately after sex, your partner might being to feel bad about it and then love making with will like seem like an act to just please the hormones instead of the normal love making that partners enjoy due to the love and connection they have with each other.

Sleeping Off Immediately After Sex


Some have the habit of sleeping off immediately after sex, not minding their partner. This is a mistake couples should avoid after having sex. After having sex, you should enjoy the company of each other and if at all you should have to sleep, then make sure your partner is comfortable before you sleep or you both sleep together. 

Yes, you can feel tired after having sex but doozing off immediately is not nice at all. Love making does not just end immediately you cum, after that, there should be times for you and your partner to enjoy more of each other’s company and also cuddle yourselves. Sleeping off immediately and leave your partner can cause your partner to have a change of mood after sex.

Putting On Your Clothes Immediately After Sex

Why are you rushing to put on your clothes immediately after having sex with your partner? What if your partner wants to still go on another round? What if your partner wants to still have a feel of your body close to theirs? You just finished having sex with your partner who you shares the feeling with you, why rush to dress up? Being naked around your partner can show how much you trust and love your partner. It can also show how comfortable and relaxed you are with your partner. 

Rushing to put on your clothes is a mistake you should avoid after having sex, allow your patner to enoy the warmth of your body. Let the relaxation after the awesome love making be without obstruction. Enjoy the feel of each other’s bodies and also give room for more. You and your partner might not go for another round but you can cuddle, kiss and have a feel of each other. 

Sleeping Separately

How can you finish have sex with your partner and when it time to sleep, you sleep separately? You should not do that. You are couples and it is not right for you to sleep separate from each other, especially not after having something as amazing as sex. 

Even if you are someone who likes sleeping alone, you should adjust and learn how to sleep together with your partner. You can not leave your partner alone to themselves after sex just to go and sleep somewhere else. Some might still be in the same room but facing opposite to their partner. 


Sex is amazing when you enjoy it to the fullest but also there are sex mistakes that ruin the relationship that couples have with each other. These mistakes may look casual or less meaningful but they are little things that can cause a change of mood after sex and might lead to relationship issues or lost of interest in your partner after sex.