signs you haven't gotten over your ex

5 Signs You Haven’t Gotten Over Your Ex

So, you’ve had a very terrible relationship break up and you’re feeling that love is just a myth? It’s normal to feel that way, at least at the moment – one of the major signs you haven’t gotten over your ex. You may also be asking yourself the popular relationship breakup question: have I gotten over my ex? Well, the fact that your new ex had probably played with your emotions doesn’t make love a myth, and your current feeling may be signs you are not ready for a relationship yet. There is still a great need for companionship; the reason why you feel lonely and miss your ex.

Here is a list of some signs you are not ready for a new relationship just yet.

  1. When everyone looks like your ex

It is very relatable to anyone who was truly in love and it is normal. When you still feel something for your ex, there’s every tendency you would be hoping to see them every now and then. At this point, even an oblivious passer-by looks like him or her from the back or if only they didn’t shave their hair or pack their hair that way. You begin to look for your ex in every attractive [opposite] sex you see.

Do you feel like calling them?
  1. You feel like calling them

When you feel like calling them, you miss them and seriously need to talk to them. But then, you remember they may not even want to talk to you, this feeling is completely normal and remains one of the top signs you haven’t gotten over your ex.

  1. You stalk their social media pages

When you cannot help not stalking your ex, you cannot help the urge to not spend all day looking at their social media pages, looking at how his/her life is moving on without you, and if they’re dating someone else already. While many could argue that checking on your ex’s social media pages could simply indicate the little friendship they still have, it’s also one of the major signs you haven’t gotten over your ex.

  1. You get pissed when someone else shows interest in you

Okay, if you get mad at that guy or girl who tried to compliment you or show interest in you, then be sure you’re showing one of the signs you haven’t gotten over your ex at all. Most of the time, the reason why you’re angry is because this new person is in no way like your ex.

  1. You fantasize about your ex

Continuous fantasy about an ex is one of the proofs you haven’t gotten over your ex. You desire them and think about what they are likely to do at every given situation that pops up in front of you.

In as much as the above-mentioned are signs you are not ready for a new relationship yet; that you still have a soft spot for your ex, life has to go on and there are sure ways on how to get over an ex

You may also consider finding out if my ex wants you back. Chances are, they might still be ready to give the relationship another shot. Don’t sit all day asking struggling to get over your ex when you should be fixing things up.

However, it’s very important to get over an ex completely before committing to a new relationship. If you haven’t gotten over your ex, it would be a serious threat to the new relationship you’re trying to build; no two persons are exactly the same.

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