5 Things You Do That Can Make Your Husband Cheat On You

No man enters into a relationship with the mindset to cheat on his partner, except the man at first wanted you for the fun and not for anything serious. Before a man plans to get married, he must have crossed his T’s and dot his I’s to make sure he is ready for it and the person he is choosing is someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. 

For him to start cheating on the same women he decided to love and spend the rest of his life with, then something must actually be wrong somewhere. Mostimes, women are the reason why their husbands start to cheat. Wait, we know they are men who find it really difficult to stay with one lady. But here we are talking of that man who amidst all the ladies he has met, he chose to wife you.

There is no way a man will be in love with you and want to cheat on you. There must have been something that changed somewhere, something must have made him reconsider his decision of making you his wife. Maybe you were not doing the things your husband needs from you.

Certain changes can cause a man to cheat on his wife. In other words, women sometimes tend to be the reasons why their husbands cheat on them. So, we will be looking at what you do that makes your husband cheat on you as a wife.


Men are first drawn to a ladies appearance before anything else. Before they consider being friends with you, you have to be very attractive and pleasing to their eyes. They go for the looks, the shapes, everything with the physical appearance. You should be sure to impress them with your appearance before anything else.

Most times when women get married, they tend to stop taking care of their looks. It seems more like they have no one to impress, this is totally wrong. As a married woman, you have to look good for your husband. Even before that, your appearance should be first for yourself before anyone else. Look good for yourself. You can not tell me that if you were a man, you would be comfortable to live with a woman whose appearance is like yours. Please be truthful to yourself.

When your husband met you, you were always dressed so hot, had your hair done and put on makeup. Now you dress like you are grieving over a dead person, you barely pay attention to your hair or even try to put on makeup. Which man in his right senses will be happy to have such a woman as a wife? 

Your appearance can shift your husband’s attention to someone else. Mind you, it was your good looks that made him come for you. If you stop looking good, there is a tendency that he will start looking outside, and finally lead him to having an affair outside marriage. Your appearance could be what shifts your husband’s attention to someone else.

You Don’t Place Value On The Relationship

Kill that mindset that makes you feel that since you are married to him there is nothing that would make him leave you for someone else or cheat on you. 

Let your relationship be valuable to you. Marriage does not mean you both have been tied down to yourselves. Even if you are tied, there are situations you will be in that will actually make you find a way to untie yourself and be free.

Do not be carefree about what happens in your relationship, place value on it. Don’t go about telling outsiders how you are living with your husband or talk about your issues with someone else. The way you value your relationship with your husband is also the way others will value it. 

Let your husband know and see the way you value the relationship. Because if it means nothing to you, then definitely it would mean nothing to him. And when it means nothing to him, that on its own is what causes a man to cheat.


How well do you appreciate your husband? How often do you do that? Or do you think it doesn’t matter? 

Appreciation goes a long way in life. As a wife you should make sure you appreciate your husband for everything, no matter how small. Let the appreciation not only be in words but also act it out. Let your man see that you appreciate him.

Let it not be that he gets appreciated more outside with the same thing he does for you but yet you don’t appreciate him for it. It is normal with human nature for a person to be drawn to someone who appreciates you. Everyone wants to be appreciated, learn how to appreciate your husband so you don’t risk him shifting his attention to someone else just because you do not appreciate him.

Lack Of Love And Attention

Because you guys are now married does not mean you should stop showing your husband love and giving him attention. It is actually the time for the love and attention to increase. Let him enjoy the love you have for him. Make out time for him, that you both are married should not stop you from making out time for your husband.

Let there be a time when you know that no matter what you are doing, that time belongs to your man. A particular time you guys get to stay together and share the moment. Pay attention to his needs, know what he wants and when he wants it. Pay attention to his feelings and emotions, don’t make me feel lonely when he is with you, that can actually happen.

When your man is lacking love and attention, it can give room for cheating. The lack of love and attention can be seen as what shifts your husband’s attention to someone else. When you don’t love him or give him attention he will start looking out. And when he gets it out he starts cheating. And then you start looking for how to stop your husband from cheating.


Do not look down on sex, it has the ability to keep a man. When a man gets good sex from you, it is quite difficult for him to leave you. There must be something higher that would make him leave you.

When your man feels less satisfied in bed, he can cheat on you. Be that wife your husband needs when it comes to sex. The connection you have with your husband should also include sex.

Lack of sexual satisfaction can cause a man to cheat on his wife. He might not even be in love with the lady he is having sex with but due to the satisfaction he gets from the lady, he will keep running back to her whenever he has the urge to have sex. And mind you, once he starts getting sex outside from another woman, give it time, they will start being serious with each other and then you will not only have a cheating husband, you will end up not having a husband at all.

Be adventurous in bed, give it to him the way he would like it. Let the experience always be in his mind. If he is one whose work takes him to a far distance, make the experience such that he is always finishing up early just to come and be with you. You can even plan vacations just so the both of you can have a feel of yourselves in a new environment. A time alone from work and other distractions.


Before you run and end your relationship because your husband is cheating, make sure you are not the reason why he started cheating in the first place. If you really love your husband, you will make sure he has no reason to look outside. 

Marriage is not a bed of roses, so you have to know how to fix your relationship with your man and how to increase his love for you. Make sure you are still the same person he got married to and maintain those things that made him get attracted to you.