6 Best Dating Websites and Apps

No time and place could be specifically for love. Love happens at any time and can be found at any place. Love is practically always in the air. Realizing this fact, many persons have taken matters regarding their romance lives into their hands, rather than leave it to fate. Various means have been created to connect people with similar interests. Chief of this medium is through the internet where we have several dating websites and apps. 

Online dating websites and apps allow you to find meaningful companionship from the comfort of your home. These dating sites have catered for people from around the world with different interests and views of life, allowing you to find that partner that best suits you. Challenge, is finding the ideal dating site that offers you a wonderful romantic experience. In the UK alone, there are over 1,400 dating websites, however, these are some of the best dating sites and apps.

6 Top Online Dating Websites and Apps

1. OkCupid (Most Suitable For Open Minded Singles)

If you seek the best free dating site, then OkCupid is exactly what you want. The site is designed with an extensive questionnaire about every individual’s personality –aimed at increasing matchup compatibility. OkCupid is designed such that messages can only be sent and received between users who are matched, thus eliminating being bombarded with messages from unmatched users.

According to OkCupid, the number of offensive messages received by users has reduced because of this feature. The feature makes OkCupid look a bit like Tinder -the same company owns both sites. As stated, the app is free to download and use, however, there is an option for upgrading to Premium, which comes with extra features. According to its site, there are over 4 million users registered on the site worldwide.

2. eharmony (Most Suitable For Serious Relationships and Marriage Seekers)

One of the pioneers of online dating sites, eHarmony brags itself as the most trusted dating site in the world. The site also says that over five hundred thousand couples have connected, and found love while using the site. Couples are matched based on a thorough answered relationship questionnaire and test of a personality (80-Questions in total).

The questionnaire aside, there are other tools the site uses to match couples, the likes of compatibility scores, and relationship advice. Downloading, registering, and reviewing of user’s profile is for free, but then you’ll need to unlock the full features with £7.95 per month.

3. Tinder (Most Suitable For Casual Dating)

For casual dating, companionship, simple hookups, or even a long-term dating, Tinder is the site to sign up to. Tinder is considered the Godfather of online dating and has worldwide users of about 50 million. Usually, individuals giving the online dating world a trial find Tinder an interesting site to begin from; little wonder the app experiences over 2 billion views daily.

Tinder app seems just interesting in arranging casual dates; hence the profile pages of an individual aren’t as detailed as in other sites/apps. However, there is enough space to contain your location, job position, and company, including Instagram and Spotify accounts’ link.

4. (Most Suitable for Rich Singles who want to be in the flow)

Even though there is a free membership for site, it takes a paid subscription to enjoy various services, and increase your chances of finding the right person. You get to pay £12.99 monthly for the premium version and the site works in a simple search arrangement.

After filling your profile with the required details, you can head to the search section, to find a user who meets your criteria. You can also be contacted by individuals who feel you meet their criteria unless you switch to the “zen mode.” This mode allows contact only between individuals of similar criteria. At, it is believed there is someone for everyone.

5. Bumble (Most Suitable for Confident Ladies)

Bumble holds a record of 22 million users all over the world. The dating app is designed to correct the imbalance noticed in other online dating sites. This app allows the ladies to message and starts the conversation first. According to the design, if the guy fails to reply to the message within 24 hours, the match fails. This timer is simply to encourage people to make contacts as soon as possible, and it has attracted lots of thumbs-up from subscribers.

There is also a feature that allows you to make some video calls, so, you can know a bit of your potential date before the actual date. Profiles in Bumble aren’t as detailed as other apps. It costs nothing to download and use the app; however, there is an option for upgrade to the Bumble Boost.

6. Hinge (Most Suitable for Young singles seeking Love and serious relationships)

Here comes the ‘sweetheart’ dating app for every single young person who is ready to mingle. It’s a new app in the online dating market; however, its popularity among millennials has earned it a name, ‘the relationship app’. Though the profile setup is a very detailed one in Hinge, it is also very engaging, helping to spark an easy connection. Your subject areas of interest such as religion, leanings, political view, and alcohol consumption rate can be added to your profile.

Some compulsory questions are lined up for you as you set up your profile. The answer you provide can be liked by any potential match, leading to a conversation. Membership to this site is free, and the app currently boasts a database of about 5.5 million members.

Aside from these sites and apps mentioned above, there are other good options for online dating, depending on your preference. So whether you intend to just meet new people and make new friends, or you seek to find love online, you are covered. Take that bold step today, and get yourself signed up for any of these dating websites or apps.