6 Things Your Man Needs From You In Your Relationship

Relationships involves two people who share same feelings for each other. A man is happy in a relationship when he gets what he needs from his woman in their relationship. What a man needs from a woman in a relationship can be totally different from what another man needs. As personalities are different so are the needs or emotional needs of a man is different from that of the other. 

Here we will be looking at things your man needs in your relationship.


For a man to be comfortable in a relationship, he has to first feel accepted. Acceptance gives you that sense of belonging in a relationship. A man wants to know, see and feel accepted by the woman he is in a relationship with. 

The comfort that comes with your man knowing that he is accepted gives a good feeling. Acceptance can come in so many ways, not just from you but also from your loved ones. 

The fact that you introduced him to your friends and family members, you get him involved in what you are doing and also you seek his opinion when you are making decisions. This is really you accepting him. The feeling of being accepted for who you are and what you are is really what a man needs from a woman he is in a relationship with.


Affection can be shown in different ways by different people. Some show their affection by words while some by actions, some others can show their affection both ways. The thing there is that a man wants to be shown affection to, he wants to feel that emotion of love around him from the one he loves. 

Affection can be expressed in different ways;

  • Physical touch

    A touch from a loved on is actually different from the regular touches that come from people who you have nothing with. There are emotions attached to the touch of the person you are in a relationship with. The feel of their hand on your cheek while they look into your eyes and tell you they love you or reassure you that things would get better, it feels amazing. A man needs a woman who can give him those relaxing touches, especially when he is stressed or down.

  • Care

    Every man loves to have a partner who is caring, someone who only does not know how to care for their physical needs but also for their emotional needs. That special someone who really cares about everything about you. No matter how mature a man is,sometimes he still wishes to be treated as though he is still a child, to be loved and cared for. To be caring is a way to treat your man in your relationship, it shows that you are concerned with the emotional needs of your man.

  • Kindness

    An act of kindness will always brighten someone’s day. A man needs a woman who is kind, one whose kindness towards him is immeasurable, a kindness that will always be stuck in his mind, such that it makes him smile when he is alone and he feels good remembering it. A man needs a partner who helps him out with things even without him asking. 

  • Intimacy

    This is a closeness you have personally for someone who you love. Intimacy can be physical or emotional. The point where a man feels a certain level of closeness and vulnerability with the woman he is in a relationship with. It is part of the emotional needs of your man, the fact that he is comfortable to be himself around his woman. The ability to share his emotional needs with yours without the fear of being rejected. What a man needs from a woman he is in a relationship with is way beyond calls and chats, he needs something intimate with his significant other.


Men value their respect so much. A way to treat your man in a relationship is to respect him, it gives him that feeling of being regarded as a real man. 

Yes, respect is earned but for someone who is in a relationship, it  is important you show respect to your man. It means you value him despite his flaws and inadequacies. 

A man does not need a woman who challenges him or flaunts his orders or instructions. He needs a woman who respects his decision of things and follows the instructions on how he wants things to be done. A woman who no matter how pissed she is, would still not find it as a medium to insult or disrespect him. A partner that respects him as well as his friends and family.


Trust is a very important aspect  of a relationship. It helps to build a very strong and lasting relationship. In a relationship, the emotional needs of your man should be something you can be trusted with.

A man needs a partner who he can be comfortable to leave and travel without the fear of coming back to hear stories that touch the heart. A woman who he can trust to take care of things when he is not there, a woman who he can trust to not share what they have with someone else or cheat on him.

A man needs a woman who he can trust with his secrets, who he can trust with the relationship and everything involved in it. A man needs a woman who can also trust him, not one who is suspicious of everything he is doing, or one who is always trying to be very inquisitive over whatever he is doing.


Every man likes to see their effort beijing appreciated. Encouragement goes a long way in helping a man stay motivated with whatever he is doing. Encouragement is a good way to treat your man, it helps him to know that he is not alone, especially when things are not going smoothly around him or via his work or business. 

A man needs a woman who tells him that he is doing well even though things do not seem so, a partner that helps him stand strong when his knees are becoming feeble due to the situation of things. Not one who reminds him of how incompitent he is or how weak, broke or bad his situation is. 

Encouragement can come in different ways, it can come through words or action. What you actually say to a man goes a long way in either strengthening him or pulling him down. Words are a very important aspect of a relationship, your words to your man should be such that gives him the encouragement to do more, such that gives him hope for the future.


Everyone loves their privacy. No matter how in love a man is with you, at certain times he needs his privacy, that space where he is left alone to think and reflect on personal matters. It does not change the way he feels towards you or reduce the love he has for you. 

Men need time for themselves, it helps them in a lot of ways. No man wants a woman or partner who is too clingy, who at all times wants to be around him not minding his mood or state of mind. Learn to always not be there, give him time. Do not become a monitoring spirit.

A man would love a woman who is not solely dependent on him for everything at every point in time. Let him know that he can have time for himself without being distracted or interrupted by your call or text. Allow him have time with his phone and other things.


When the needs of a man are met in a relationship, he would have no reason to look outside. The meeting of those needs comes with a relaxation of mind. He is now confident enough about the relationship. It can also bring about him having future plans for that relationship, seeing that his needs are being met. 

It is also important to know that the needs of a man changes as the relationship grows, be sure to make adjustments because change is a constant. This will help you have a healthy relationship with your man and also understand the emotional needs of your man.