6 Ways To Show Physical Affection In A Relationship

In a relationships, couples individually have different ways to show physical affection to their partners. Being in a relationship with someone means you love and care about the person. It is not just for the title or fun, it is you deliberately committing to someone. 

You can’t hide your feelings if you are in love with someone. The person you are in a relationship with will know, feel and see that you truly are in love with them, likewise your family and friends. It is not a feeling you keep to yourself, because no matter how you want to hide it, it will show.

A lot of people have seen relationships in different ways. For some, they feel the only way they can express love or show love to their partner is by having sex with them. This ideology is not right. As much as sex is one of the ways of showing love in a relationship, it is not the only way to show love to your partner because there are other ways to show love in a relationship. You can show affection without being sexually active. 

You might have been wondering what other way you can show affection to your partner, worry no more. This article will help you understand ways to show physical affection in a relationship.

Ways To Show Physical Affection In A Relationship

1. By Your Touch

Physical affection can be shown by touch. The way you touch your partner is seen as a way of showing love or a way of expressing love in a relationship. You can physically show affection by touch in different ways.

Ways to show affection by touch;

  1. Kissing
  2. Hugging
  3. Cuddling
  4. massage

When you do these, you are showing love to your partner. This is a way to tell your partner that you love them. Give your partner unexpected hugs and kisses, massaging and cuddling them when you are with them. There is nobody who wouldn’t want to have a feel of such an expression of love. It is something to be enjoyed.

2. Caring For Your Partner

There is no way you can love someone and not care for them. Caring for your partner is a good way to show physical affection in a relationship. There are different ways you can care for your partner to show them how you feel towards them.

Ways of caring for your partner;

  1. Cooking for your partner
  2. Helping them do their laundry
  3. Helping them out with chores and many others…..

When you help your partner out with chores, it does not mean you are being used or you are being subjected to a maid. It is you taking care of the person you love. Caring can also be seen in your words. You can call your partner to check up on them, and ask them how they are doing if they have eaten and how the day’s work is going. This is one of the ways to show affection without being sexually active. Caring for your partner will help you have a healthy and lasting relationship

For a woman, this is the right way for you to treat your man. Men are like babies, they love to be pampered and taken care of by their women. Women also want to be loved and shown the care and attention they need for their man. So, if you are going to show physical affection to your partner, one of the ways to do that is to care for them.

3. Play With Your Partner

Do you play with your partner? Do you have moments when you and your partner are letting yourselves act like kids? Well, that is a way of showing love in a relationship. It might not necessarily be the same way you played when you were kids, but there are games adults play to have fun with each other. 

If your partner has a game they like playing, you can play it with them. Even if you don’t know how to play the game, tell your partner to teach you. This would be you joining your partner in what makes them happy. Create a time when you guys can play this game and you will see how happy you and your partner will be.

4. With Your Words

Your relationship with your partner started with you. This means that words are very important when it comes to a relationship. With your words, your partner got to know of your love for them, because no matter how much you love someone, if you don’t tell the person, they wouldn’t know what you feel for them. Your words confirm your feelings towards someone.

In a relationship, one of the ways of showing affection is by what you say. With your words, you can encourage your partner. Encouragement can go a long way in helping your partner. When your partner is going through hard times, your love for them can come as encouragement at that point.

You can also appreciate your partner with words. Appreciation can come in different ways but the major way is by your words. If you are a type that does not appreciate your partner, your relationship may be in danger. You how you feel when you are not being appreciated for the things you do, no matter how little they may seem. That is the same way your partner will feel when you don’t appreciate them. Humans naturally tend to be comfortable where they are appreciated. So, to make your relationship a safe zone for your partner, you should appreciate them. 

It can come with you kissing your partner and telling them that you appreciate them for being in your life and letting you also be a part of your life, and also for loving you. For a relationship that is going through hard times like having a partner who cheated on you, when you remember how good your partner has been to you and how comfortable and appreciated you feel when the relationship was going on well, you can have a reason to fix your relationship and have a successful relationship after cheating.

Your words make a great impact on the life of your partner and your relationship. Being nice with your words is a good way of showing kindness to your partner.

5. Gifts

You can buy your partner gifts to show love to them. This is a way to show affection without being sexually active. As often as possible, endeavor to buy gifts for your partner. Let your partner have something with them that reminds them of you. Something that whenever they see, it brings you to their mind immediately. 

Gifts are a way of showing love and kindness in a relationship.

6. Go On Dates

Arranging dates is one of the special ways to show love to your partner. You can call your partner out for movies, lunch, dinner, or even have snacks at a cool place. By doing that you get to spend quality time with your partner. You can have a dinner or lunch date with your partner at your house. I think this one would be more fun and relaxing than going to a restaurant or any public place. 

This will allow you guys to spend time together. And when you spend time together, you get to know each other better thereby having a lasting relationship.

In Conclusion

It might be hard for you to know how your partner wants to be shown love, care, and attention. But if you are going to show physical attention to your partner I would advise you do it the same way you would want it to be done to you. You know how much you want to be loved and cared for, do the same for your partner.

You have to pay more attention to your partner to understand their love languages and how they want to be loved and cared for, this will help you to know how to go about it.