7 Important Questions To Ask Before Marriage

Most times when we are in love, we forget to ask vital questions. But no matter how smoothly everything is going between you and your partner, there are important questions to ask before marriage. 

People are different from each other and as such one should not make the mistake of making assumptions when in a serious relationship. You must ask your partner some important questions before getting into marriage. This will help you understand their opinion about certain things, and also it will help you know if you share the same opinion about marriage and what comes after it.

Marriage is not something you jump into just because you are excited over the love you share with your partner. As much as one can get a divorce, you still need to plan yourself well and get answers to necessary questions before you tie the knot with your partner. I don’t think anyone enters into marriage with divorce in mind, so you must avoid making certain mistakes that will lead to the end of a relationship you once adored.

This article lays down seven important questions to ask before marriage.

7 Important Questions To Ask Before Marriage

1) What Does Your Partner See Marriage As

People have different ways they see marriage or different meanings of marriage. For some, they marry because they want kids, some others for the title, while others have reasons different from these.

If you are going to tie the knot with your partner, you should know what they see marriage as or what their opinion is when it comes to marriage. This is one of the important questions to ask a guy you like and want to get married to. You don’t assume that what marriage means to you is the same thing it means to your partner. Knowing this will help you know if you share the same meaning or idea when it comes to marriage.

2) Religion 

Religion is another thing to look into when it comes to marriage. Couples with different religions have succeeded in getting married but once they start having kids they tend to fight over which religion their kid(s) should follow.

So, if you have a different religion from that of your partner, you should discuss it before you enter into marriage so that it wouldn’t be a problem in the future. 

3) Kids 

Kids are a very important aspect of marriage that you should discuss with your partner before saying yes to marriage. 

Some people don’t want to have kids, this includes men. They have reasons why they don’t want to have kids. 

So, before you venture into this serious long-term relationship with your partner, be sure to know if they would want to have kids with you in the future and how many kids they would want to have, that is if your partner wants to have kids.

That you see the way they look at kids or how they admire kids does not mean they would like to have one. Assumptions in a relationship will not help you at all. Asking the necessary questions before marriage will help you stay on the safer side in the future. This is an important question to ask to get to know your partner and what they want in a marriage.

4) Sex 

Here is a very important, vital question to ask before marriage. You can’t afford to miss this one when tying the knot with your partner. A lot of people make the mistake of asking their partner questions about sex, maybe because they think it is not necessary. Well FYI it is very necessary.

You should know how often your partner would love to be having sex with you, and the things they can tolerate when it comes to their sex lives. Do not base sex in marriage with sex while dating, things can be different. 

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You know that in marriage sex is involved. Some people want to have sex whenever they feel like but some others want it to be regulated. Asking the right questions before marriage will help you know if you guys are compatible in that very important area.

5) Finances 

It might look unnecessary or irrelevant but you have to know what your partner thinks about finance when it comes to marriage.

Do not be that partner who doesn’t pay attention to things. Asking questions about how your partner would want things to be handled financially would help you know how things will be in the future.

You have to know if your partner is extravagant with money or one who likes to keep their money to themselves and expects you to share your own, or a partner who is ready to grow your finances with you.  

Some people naturally don’t know how to manage, they will rather go broke than not get all they want. If you are someone who is still trying to find their feet, you wouldn’t want to have such a person as a partner because they will only end up being a huge burden to you.

You should also know your partner’s financial strength, this will help you to know how to stay with the person and how to handle expenses.

6) In-laws 

Marriage as it were is a union that involves two families. If you are going to get married to your partner you should know the opinion of your partner’s family towards you and how it is or will influence your relationship with your partner.

No doubt, some partners are having a successful relationship and expressing love in their relationship whose families are not in support. Some parents are bent on being the ones to choose who their children get married to, for some, it works out for them but there are still others who don’t care about their parents’ opinion when it comes to who they want to be with. Know your partner’s opinion on this before getting married to them.

7) What Can Cause Separation In Marriage

Even though nobody entering into marriage has the thought of leaving or getting divorced, you should also ask questions concerning what can lead to your partner leaving or wanting a divorce.

Some things might not lead to you leaving your relationship but your partner might have a different opinion when it comes to that.

You should ask to know what your partner sees as a threat when it comes to your relationship with them. Ans also, know if you can have a successful relationship after cheating, just incase something like that happens. This will help you have a lasting relationship with your partner

In Conclusion

A lot of marriages have ended just because couples failed to ask the necessary questions before marriage, thinking it is something that can be overlooked. 

You shouldn’t start out assuming things when it comes to marriage. If you do, you will end up getting surprised in the long run. And now, the surprises wouldn’t be the type you’d love to have. So, make sure you have asked these questions and gotten your answer before entering into marriage with your partner. It would help you to avoid unforeseen circumstances.