The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor: 7 powerful lessons

The book Happiness Advantage is a must-read for anyone trying to make it in life along with the troubles of this world, the book is not just about how to be happier at work but about how to enjoy the benefits of a happier and a more positive attitude towards achieving the best in life even at our working place. Shawn Achor wrote the book after several pieces of research and studies in which he explained how he can reprogram our brains to become more positive in order to gain a competitive edge at work.

In this book “Happiness Advantage”, there are many lessons to learn but in this article, only seven powerful lessons will be discussed.

7. Hard work will increase your belief
In this book, there is a belief it wants us to adopt which says that our actions determine our fate, and this can only encourage us to work harder, this is because hard work will show us the fruits of our labor and the belief in ourselves increases at the same time. This is surely a positive word that can lead us to achieve great success in life. The book makes us understand that the more hard we work, the more connections we form between our corresponding neurons, which simply means that the stronger the link becomes in our brain, the faster the messages can travel down the neural pathway. This process is the reason why certain actions in your life become second nature. This is really interesting and this belief should be given a trial.

6. Create happiness through journal or blog
To journal or blog, every week will certainly increase your happiness. This practice is in connection with the principle behind a Positive Tetris Effect. This is because when what you write contains references to positive thoughts or events, it will focus on things you’re grateful for. Therefore, to be truly happy, focus on writing only positive things and thoughts and see how happier you will become.

5. Happiness will increase your ability to learn
In the book, you will get to understand that happiness will increase your ability to learn. This is possible because the positive emotion that comes from happiness releases chemicals that increase the learning parts of our brain enabling us to understand and learn things faster. This process is made possible because, in the presence of these chemicals, our brains are able to sort through new information better, hold onto the information longer, and be able to access information with speed. So one of the benefits of happiness is a faster and more advanced tool that enables us to complete more complex tasks and solve bigger problems.

4. Happiness helps us to be in good health
One of the lessons you will learn from the book is that being happy will help you to be in good health because happiness helps in boosting the immune system that gives you the ability to fight viruses and other infections. So the happier you become, the less sick you will be.

3. Success is found around happiness
When you focus on being happy first, the foundation you need to grow will be created automatically. In the book, you will get to understand that the world model which believes that it is only when you become very successful before you can experience happiness is wrong but the other way round.

2. Meditation increases your level of happiness
According to the book, the best way to do meditation is to close your eyes, breathe in and out, then focus on the up and down movements of your stomach. Doing this for five minutes daily will certainly increase the level of your happiness, and you will as well feel contentment and calmness. You will also notice an increase in your level of awareness and empathy towards others. Meditating regularly can permanently help your brain to make you a happier person.

1. Develop a growth mindset
According to the book, a growth mindset is the understanding that we all have very different skills, talents, and interests. But we can change and grow through application and our experience in life. Developing your growth mindset is a necessity because it is the key that will enable you to overcome the fear and uncertainty of life and to see these uncertainties as part of the journey to unlocking your full potential. See these uncertainties of life with a growth mindset and be mindful of other people’s interpretations. Always look for the lessons you have to learn and how you can do better next time. Believe that you can be better and that there are more of you to unlock.