7 Questions Not To Ask A Woman

If you are going to start a relationship with a woman or stay friends with a lady, there are questions not to ask a woman. Sometimes the question you might ask or want to ask may not sound bad or inappropriate to you but when it comes to women, you have to be careful of the kind of question you ask them.

That it is not a big deal to you does not mean the other person will also not see it as a big deal. There are questions you ask a lady that can lead to heated arguments or even bring about a woman having low self esteem. So, you should be very careful with the kind of questions you ask a woman.

You might be wondering the questions not to ask a woman whether she is your friend or your partner, well this article got you covered. In this article you will get to see seven questions not to ask a woman.

7 Questions Not To Ask A Woman

1. Do Not Ask Her About Her Past Relationships

If you are going to have a good relationship with a woman, it is important you stay away from anything that has to do with her past relationships. Though it might be important to know what happened in her past relationship so you can know how to deal with her, it is also important that you don’t ask her about it. There is no way you won’t get to know about it, but allow her to be the one to tell you about her past relationships with other guys.

2. Do Not Ask Her If She Is In Her Time Of The Month

When a woman is observing her time of the month, there are changes in the way she behaves. Knowing this should not make you ask her if she is in her time of the month when you notice she is acting a bit out of her normal or she is overreacting. If you do, you have succeeded in asking questions that can lead to heated arguments, and clearly you do not want to argue with a lady when she is in her period.

Also, asking her this question would seem as if you are trying to tell her that she is being controlled by her hormones which clearly means she is not thinking straight. You don’t want to be in this situation with a lady.

3. Do Not Ask Her If She Is Pregnant

Do not ask a lady if she is pregnant no matter your observations. Allow her to be the one to tell you, that is if your suspicions are true.

4. Do Not Ask Her About Her Sex Life With Other Men

Some men make the mistake of asking a lady how many men she has had a sexual relationship with, this is absolutely wrong. You do not have the right to ask a lady about her past or present sex engagements with other men, it can actually seem insulting. Some ladies will take it that you are indirectly referring to them as one who is not reserved when it comes to sex.

It is better to ask a woman how many men she has dated than asking her how many men she has slept with. No matter how close or free you are with a lady, learn not to be insensitive especially when it has to do with things that seem to be private.

5. Do Not Ask Her About Her Eating Habit

If she starts to eat more than usual, do not ask her about it. Some women can get offended when they are asked about their eating habits. It is believed that men eat more than women, but still there are women who can outbeat men when it comes to eating. For such a person you should not ask her about her eating habits. This will keep your friendship or relationship with her on the safer side.

6. Do Not Question Her Over Her Choice Of Outfit

When it comes to a woman’s outfit her mind and emotions are involved. If a woman dresses to her taste and then comes out to be questioned over her outfits, she automatically feels bad and uncomfortable in her outfit. This question can cause low self esteem.

If at all you are going to talk about her outfit, there are better ways to go about it. You have to make sure that your words will not leave her feeling bad or ashamed of herself. Because, women are very much concerned about how they look and they attribute their appearance to a lot of things in their lives. Be careful not to be the one that would make a lady feel bad for her outfit, this can stick with her for a long time.

7.Do Not Ask A Girl To Remind You Her Name Again

It is not proper to ask a girl to remind you her name after she has told you her name twice. It leaves a question mark to your personality and the way she sees you. It is not a good way to start a conversation with a lady, because no lady will want to have anything to do with a guy who is forgetful. 

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