7 Questions To Ask A Guy Before Dating

You don’t just start a relationship with a guy without getting to know the guy. There are questions to ask a guy before dating or starting a relationship. 

That you met a guy and you fell in love does not mean you will have a successful relationship with the guy or that the relationship will last. You have to ask questions to know if you and the guy are compatible. If you let your feelings be the only thing that guarantees you being in a relationship with the guy, then you are at the risk of having a relationship that will crash.

You might be asking what are the right questions to ask a guy before dating, well this article got you covered. In this article, we will lay down important questions to ask a guy before dating or starting a relationship.

7 Questions To Ask A Guy Before Dating

1) What Is The Future Of The Relationship

This is one of the questions to ask a guy to know his intentions towards you and the relationship. It is not proper for you to enter a relationship with a guy without asking to know what the future of the relationship will be. 

Ask the guy what he wants out of the relationship. This will help you know what you are in for and how to put effort into the relationship. It would also help you understand what the relationship is all about and where it is going if it is for the long term or not. Because not everyone wants to tie the knot with the person they are dating, and not everyone has the view of marriage when they want to start a relationship. So, you should ask this question so you don’t start expecting something different from what your partner has in mind.

2) What Made Their Last Relationship Fail

Knowing what led to the end of the previous relationship the guy had with his ex would help you know what you should avoid and how to secure your relationship with him. If you are going to start a relationship with a guy this is one of the questions to ask to get to know him. 

Nobody is perfect but things can be avoided if one gets to have the right information about something. A mistake is bound to repeat if there are no deliberate actions towards knowing what led to the mistake and how to avoid it.

Asking about their past relationship is not to make them feel bad or go back to their past, it is for you to understand them more and know how not to risk your relationship with them. And if you are going to ask a guy about their past relationship, you should do it in a very reasonable way.

3) Family And Friends

Family and friends are important aspects of someone’s life. If you get to know a person’s family and friends, you can be able to tell what that person is like and also be able to understand the person. When you are starting a serious relationship with a guy, you should make sure you ask about their family and friends, it is also an important question to ask before marriage

If the person you are starting a relationship with has the mindset of building something with you in the future, knowing about their family and friends is necessary. Because there is no way you will build a serious relationship with someone and you know nothing about their family and friends, a family can’t be separated from someone’s life. 

If the guy you are starting a relationship with is hiding his family and friends from you, then that shows a red flag of a doomed relationship.

4) Religion 

Knowing the religion or what they believe in is an important question to ask a guy before starting a relationship with him. As simple as it may sound, religion can be the reason why a relationship will not last. 

Even if religion wouldn’t be a problem or threat to your relationship, you still have to ask the guy about their religion. This will help you know what they believe in and also know how to follow and start with them without having issues in your relationship.

5) Communication 

Communication is the key to every good relationship. If you can’t communicate well in your relationship, you are at risk of losing that relationship. Whether things are going well or not, communication matters. It is with communication you get to fix your relationship when things are going wrong. It is also via communication that you get to tell your partner how you feel in the relationship.

People have different ways they want to communicate in their relationships. You can communicate with your partner via text, call, chat, video, or facetime. You have to know your partner’s preference to have good communication with them. 

Some people would prefer to have you present with them than a video call. And some others will prefer your text rather than call them. These are different ways people communicate, you have to ask your partner which one they prefer so you know the proper way to communicate with them.

6) Hobby 

Getting to know the hubby of a guy you want to start a relationship with is somehow a way to show affection without being sexually active. People ask to know about each other’s hobbies so they can know what makes the other person happy or what the other person likes to do to know how to share their happy moments with them or join them to do what makes them happy.

It is more like an important question to ask a guy before starting a relationship with them. For some, it is a way to start a conversation when getting to know someone you have a crush on or someone you want to have something with.

7) Sex 

Sex is a topic that should be discussed before starting a relationship. This is a question to ask a guy to know his intentions towards you and what he wants in the relationship.

Some people do not want to have sex in their relationship, not because of religion but just because they feel comfortable that way.

Before you date a guy, you have to ask them what they think about sex in a relationship, so that you can get to know their opinion about it. You should know how naughty they want you to be with them, and the kind of sexual attachment they want to have with their partner.

Understanding the sex life of your partner will help you keep you know if they want to be intimate with you or not. Some people prefer to wait till the relationship gets to a certain level before they have sex, while others want to bond with their partner as soon as the relationship starts.

Some people do not feel comfortable having their partner see their nakedness, these are some of the things you have to know before starting a relationship with a guy. And there is no way you can know without asking questions.

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In Conclusion

People tend to enjoy their relationships in different ways. Do not take what works for other people to work for you in your relationship. The understanding people have with each other differs, when you want start a new relationship there are questions to ask a guy before dating, this will help you understand the guy better and also have a good relationship with him.

You have seen that there are a lot of things you should know before dating a guy. Don’t go about starting a new relationship without asking important questions that will help your relationship with a guy.