7 Ways Of Showing Love In A Relationship

In a relationship, love goes beyond saying “I love you”, they are ways of expressing love or ways of showing love. As much as those words matter, it is also important that your love for your partner goes beyond just mere words.

There are different ways of showing love to your significant other to make them feel the love you have for them. No matter how you want to justify it, words might be forgotten but the acts that expressed those words will always be locked up somewhere in the mind. It might not be remembered every minute of the day but definitely it will always pop up in your partner’s minds from time to time.

Ways of showing love may differ via personality. As one in a relationship, you should be able to understand your partner and know how to show affection to them. Generally they are basic ways of showing love or expressing love to your partner that is applicable to anyone.

A Listening Ear

There is a huge difference between hearing and listening. In listening, you are actively paying attention to what the person is saying and also trying to connect with their thoughts and emotions as they speak.

When you are in a relationship with someone, giving a listening ear is one of the ways of expressing love to your partner. It is also one of the ways to show affection without being sexually active. Let your partner know that he can actually talk to you about how he feels, whether good or bad, and that you will be able to listen and connect with them.

You don’t always have to contribute whenever your partner is talking with you, especially when the talk is about something serious. At that point, all you need to do is to give your partner a listening ear. After that you can advise or contribute if needed.


In showing love, care is important. You can’t say you love someone if you don’t care for them. Ways of expressing love to your partner is by caring for them.

You can show care by the way you touch your partner. There is how to show affection with your touch, it is a good feeling. Maybe the way you stroke your partner’s hair or the way you rub their back, or even the way you spontaneously kiss them when they are not expecting it.

Cooking and washing for your partner is also a way to show affection without being sexually active. It is you showing kindness to your partner. On your own, you know how loved you feel when you are cared for, so imagine how your partner will feel when you express love to them by showing them care. These are simple ways to show physical affection and also to make your partner feel loved.


Time, they say, is expensive. So if you have to create time for your partner, it means you have given them something expensive. You have actually given them what you can never take back, because time is always moving forward and not returning back. The only way to remember a past time is to remember what we did with the time.

When you spend time with your partner, you get to build a connection with them and also understand them better. Calls, chats, videos, messages, can never take the place of you physically spending time with your partner. These are ways of showing affection in a long distance relationship, but still you have to make out time to be  with your partner. Whether in a long distance relationship or not, creating time for the love of your life is how to show affection to them.

Support And Encouragement

Your partner needs your support and encouragement. You are the primary person they need it from, do not hesitate to give them the support and encouragement they need. It is a way of expressing love to them.

Support their hustle, encourage them to do more and put in more effort no matter how hard it seems. Be that backbone they need, be the support system they can rely on when they are feeling down. Your partner can be feeling overwhelmed by something (maybe work, business or career), show them love by encouraging them. Tell them they can do it and that you believe in them. It is one of the ways of showing kindness to your partner in a relationship.

Take Them Out

You can express love to your partner by taking them out on dates. It can be just for a drink or for dinner.

Yes, you may have all the drinks and food one can possibly want to eat in your house, but the food and drinks is not what should be considered when taking your partner out. The reason for this is so you guys can go out and have fun, see the world together and enjoy each other’s company.

You can also take your partner out to see movies or games, just for fun. This is one of the ways to show physical affection.


You should not be waiting for special events before you buy your partner a gift. Gifts are ways of expressing love to your partner. It doesn’t really have to be expensive and also it shouldn’t be cheap, just get them something that is worth it. If you love someone, you should be able to spend on them.


What do you say to your partner? Your words matter a lot in your relationship. What you say, how you say it and when you say it is very important in your relationship. Your words are a show of kindness, it tells how much you love and value your partner.

There are times when all your partner might need is to hear you tell them you love them or appreciate them. Appreciation goes a long way in a relationship. Words are a good way of appreciating someone. You might not have anything to give to show how much you appreciate them, but you will always have your words.


The world will be a very happy and peaceful place if we are able to show or express love to each other. Your actions and words towards your partners will always help in making and keeping them happy. And when your partner feels loved, the relationship will be a healthy relationship. In showing love to your partner, you help to make your relationship last long and also save your relationship from crashing.