7 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

No one gets into a relationship with the plans of a breakup, but if it eventually happens, you have to get over it and move on with your life. The effect of breakup differs via individuals. Some find it easy to move on with their lives, while for some it is very difficult to get over with the love they have for their ex.

Dwelling so much in your past relationship is not  healthy at all. If you have tried to save the relationship or talk things out with the person and it is not working, then the best thing to do is to see reasons why you should move on. Get over the relationship and carry on with your life.

If you are finding it difficult to move on after a break up, here are ways to get over a breakup.

Erase Old Memories

You can not get over someone if you constantly have things that remind you of that person. Yes, it might be hard to forget the person or even the memories you guys created when you were in a relationship, but still, you have to let go of all those things in order to move on.

Stop going back to those pictures, videos or chats you guys had when the relationship was on. Help yourself to move on by deleting them and blocking any means it would use to come back. If there are other things that remind you of the relationship, get rid of them so you can be able to move on.

Increase Your Self Love

That your partner broke up with does not mean you are not worth loving. You should not let the breakup cause you to love yourself less or see yourself less. Nobody can love you the way you love yourself.

Don’t go about killing yourself over the breakup, stand up, pick your pieces and move on with your life. Your happiness is a priority, you shouldn’t let anyone or anything take it away from you. No matter what has happened, learn to love and appreciate yourself.

Dress up, put on makeup, take yourself out and enjoy. You can go shopping and get yourself new things. Do not stay indoors drawing yourself in thoughts and tears, there is more to life if you are able to get over the breakup and move on with your life.

Eat Well

So because you are going through a breakup, that is why you are denying your body its basic need. If you develop any sickness or harm yourself by doing that, will it change what has happened?

Stop starving yourself, go and eat. You have to eat well to be able to have the strength to face what the future holds. Eat well, your body needs it, especially now that you are going through emotional stress.

That your partner broke up with you does not mean you should look like the whole world has deserted you. Have you ever wondered what your partner would be doing as you guys are no longer together? Do you think they would be starving or drawing in thoughts over you? Get up, pull yourself together and move on with your life.

Hang Out With Friends

Staying alone is not advisable for someone who is trying to get over a breakup. Because there is no way those thoughts will not keep popping up in your mind when you are all alone. This is not a time for you to shut the world out, it is actually the time to go and see the world.

Hang out with your friends, have fun, go out with them so that you can clear your mind. Don’t lock yourself inside, try to go out with your friends. When your friends call to ask if you would like to hang out, do not because of what happened decide to stay home alone, dress up and hang out with them.

Reconnect With Old Friends

This is the time to reconnect with old friends. This will give you the opportunity to step out and have fun.

Those friends you have not seen in awhile, you can reconnect with them via calls, chats or even go to visit them. The ones that are not living close to you, you can also travel to visit them. Moving away from your environment for sometime will also help you to get over the breakup.

Don’t allow your mind or thoughts to tell you that you have to be alone. Staying alone will not help you, instead it will increase the hurt you feel. When you allow yourself to hurt so much over the breakup, it might lead to you getting depressed and depression is not something anyone should get into.

Don’t Be Quick To Enter A New Relationship

At this point it may seem like all you need is love, care and attention, it is also important for you to watch it. Trying to get over a breakup may make you vulnerable to love.

It is not a time for you to rush and start a new relationship. You have to make sure you have totally gotten over your past before entering a new relationship, if not you will be bound to have issues in that new relationship. Having the right partner matters a lot in a relationship.

Do not let anyone talk you into starting a new relationship, take your time. Anybody that comes around you claiming to love and wants to start up a relationship with you, knowing fully well that you are yet to get over a breakup is not being sincere with you. The person if serious should allow you time to heal. When you have healed you will now choose the right partner for yourself.

Engage In Activities That Will Keep You Busy

Since you are trying to get over a breakup, it is ideal that you get yourself occupied with something. You can start focusing more on your career or business.

Engaging in activities that will keep you busy will distract your mind from the breakup. It is a time to build yourself in every way possible. Those goals you have mapped out to achieve, this is the time you have to start putting effort into achieving them.

Not putting your time into good use now that you are trying to get over a breakup will only give you more opportunity to keep dwelling in the past. Because if you are not physically engaged with something, definitely your mind will engage itself.


Life is too short for someone to constantly dwell in the past. No matter how you want to justify it, whatever you had with the person is in the past. And if you keep staying in the past, then you will not be able to see the sweet and amazing things the future holds for you.

You owe yourself to be happy. And also remember that happiness will help you stay alive and healthy. That a relationship ended does not mean your life has ended. Do not put effort where it is not needed, put effort in the right things. The moment you allow your past to keep you down, that is you putting effort in the wrong thing.

As long as you are alive, it  is certain that you will find love again. This time it will be a lasting relationship. It is okay to cry but don’t just stay there. Cry, clean your tears, pick up the remaining pieces and move on.