7 Ways To Increase Your Husband’s Love For You

Marriage is different from dating. In a long-term relationship, feelings at some point seem to die off and you will need to spice things up in order to maintain a happy relationship with your husband. It is said that women are the ones who hold the home together. More like they are the backbones of the family. 

It is a lot easier when you are yet to have kids, because most times there is distraction and shift of attention when women begin to have kids. When attention moves from the husband to the kids, the husband may begin to feel left out of the marriage and less recognized. This can lead to a decrease in the affection and feelings your husband has for you.

For some others, it may not be kids. There are women who when they get married take the position of someone who has reached her destination, this is wrong. Marriage is not a point of relaxation, actually, the effort you have to put in has to be more now that you are married then when you were dating.

In marriage you as a woman should know how to make your husband stay in love with you. This will help you have a happy relationship with your husband. Remember, when your husband is happy and pleased with you, that is you having a happy marriage. 

You might be asking what you are supposed to do to increase your husband’s love for you, here it is.

Show More Love To Him

Yes, we know you love him, no doubt. But you can express your love for him more than you usually do. Love should increase as the relationship is growing and the bond is becoming stronger. 

You want to have a happy relationship with your husband, try to show him more love. Love is always something that is reciprocated, especially when it comes from your significant other. Loving him more does not mean you should tell him more of “I love you”, no. You should show him more love by both your words and actions. 

If you are married to a man, it is expected that you are the one who knows and understands his love language, those things that make him feel so loved beyond normal. Be more deliberate with those things, show him those gestures that make him feel like the luckiest man on earth. And in return, you will make your husband stay in love with you and cause you to have a happy relationship with your husband.

Take Care Of Him

You really need to understand that your husband is your first child. Yes! He is an adult but still, but adults still need TLC (Tender, Love, and Care). A man loves that woman who loves and cares for him, that woman who gives him the same love and care he gets from his mother.

You can care for your husband by cooking for him, washing his clothes, and also helping him arrange his things. Wait, yes you have been cooking the meals that the family has been eating since you got married but, have you been cooking for him? Like asking him what he would like to eat before preparing the meal? Or you didn’t consider it important? 

Please for goodness sake, it shouldn’t be only when you guys are eating out that your husband gets to choose what he would like to eat. You as a wife should always ask your husband what he wants to eat and then you prepare it for him. That is a very special way of taking care of your husband. 

There is an African adage that says “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, so it is important you cook for your husband. Not just cooking for him but cooking what he wants to eat.


Communication is a very important tool in marriage. For one to have a happy relationship with your husband you should be able to communicate very well. Communication goes beyond words or talking, it is knowing how to say those words or knowing the right way to say them. 

In marriage, you have to learn to earn your respect from your man. And a man that respects you will always love you. How to make your husband respect and love you is by knowing how to communicate. It goes beyond words, you can also communicate with your actions and an expression of your emotions. 

Learn how to correct your man with love. When you feel things are not going well, or you feel he is wrong about something, do not lash out at him. Yes, he is wrong but also there are better ways to go about it than bring him down in your eyes. You can actually communicate without using harsh or rude words and still get him to feel very sorry for what he did. Correcting in love will always bring more positive results than when you try to shout or say unkind words. 

You can build your communication level with your husband to the point that if he wants to talk to someone, he would always prefer to talk to you.

Respect Him

Men love respect a lot. As a wife, you should know that respecting your man goes beyond not replying to him when he is getting on your nerves or anything of that sort. It is you putting respect to his words and decisions. Understanding that no matter what the situation may look like, he is still the man and he deserves the respect that should be given to a man.

No man wants to get married to a woman who does not respect him. Sometimes women seem to respect a man until they get married to the man. Marriage should not change the way you see your husband, no matter how many flaws he tends to have. Love and respect for your husband will always get your husband to stay in love with you.

Support Him

One of the reasons why a man gets into marriage is because he wants to have that special someone who would always be a pillar of support to him. You can not have your husband’s love if you are not supportive of him. To increase your husband’s love for you, he should see you as one who supports him, more like his biggest fan. 

Let it be that when he feels like no one is supporting him, he looks in your direction and sees a  strong pillar of support. Be supportive of his dreams, even though it may not look like it is having a headway, you still have to support him. 

Surprise Him

When was the last time you specifically went to the mall just to get something for your hubby? Or are you waiting for his birthday before you get him a gift? It should not be so. 

From time to time, surprise your husband with gifts. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just get him something. It is a good way of showing him how much you love and appreciate him. By doing so his love for you will increase and you get to have a happy relationship with your husband. 

Buying him a gift is not the only way to surprise him, you can also do that by preparing a special dinner for him. He comes back from work and sees the whole place smelling nice with candlelight on the dining table, and a well-prepared meal waiting for him. It is something everyone would like to have and experience.

When was the last time you seduced your husband? Yes, surprise sex? You should be doing that. Sex will always increase the bond you have with your significant other. Let him come home to meet a hot and sexy woman waiting for him in the bedroom with dimmed lights and a well-dressed and decorated bed. Sincerely, the feeling he would get after this will not leave his mind easily.


Most of the time, the reason why men cheat and have side chicks is that they don’t get the satisfaction they need from their wives. Sex is not just you lying down and having him on top of you. There is more to sex than that. Don’t be that wife that has a very boring sex life. If you are good in bed as a wife, your husband would have no reason to look for it outside.

Learn how to have to take your husband on a sex adventure. After feeding him well in the dining room, you should also feed him well in the bedroom. These two should go hand in hand. It will help to make your relationship last.

Sex is never enough. Even after having sex, it is still not enough. You have to kill that mentality, it is a mistake you should avoid when it comes to sex. As long as a man is healthy and alive, those hormones will always be there. Do not deprive your husband of sex. Most women do that when their husbands offend them, it is not right. It can cost you your relationship with him. 

Sex also helps to keep the body healthy. Help your husband to stay healthy for you. Because if he is sick then you will not have a happy relationship. And it is someone who is healthy and alive that will stay in love with you.


To increase your husband’s love for you, you have to make sure that there is nothing lacking in all that you are supposed to give or be to him. Be that wife who makes her husband feel relaxed and loved all the time. Be sure to give him the attention he needs from you when he needs it. 

A happy couple will always make a happy family. And when your hubby is happy with you, he will also be happy in the relationship. This is how to make your husband stay in love with you and also how to make your husband love and respect you.

There are things your husband needs from you as a wife, do them and watch him love you like you are the only woman in the world.