7 Ways To Save Your Relationship From Crashing

There are ways to save your relationship from crashing, but before that you have to be sure that this relationship you want to save is worth saving. Everyone wants to be in a relationship where they are loved and appreciated, sometimes it seems so at the beginning but in the long run things change. These changes can be such that could have been avoided so we don’t get to have issues with our significant other. 

When your relationship is going down to the ground and you know very well that the fault is from you, then there are ways or measures you have to take to make sure your relationship does not crash. That is if you still want the relationship to continue.

Take Responsibility

Before you start a relationship with someone you should be mature enough. And maturity comes with responsibility. A child’s attitude can be overlooked but for an adult, they are expected to take responsibility for every one of their misbehaviours.

If you are the reason why your relationship is crashing, then you must take responsibility to make sure you save it. Taking responsibility means you have to first admit to the fact that you are at fault then you take corrections and make sure the mistakes are not repeated.

You have to feel sorry for what you did and apologize to your partner appropriately. To save a relationship, your apology should not be casual. Let your partner know that you are really sorry. And if you are sorry then be sorry for real.

Take responsibility and make sure you don’t give room for your partner to think or feel your apology wasn’t sincere. 

Show More Care

To mend a broken relationship, you should show more care than you used to. At first it might look like you are doing it to get your partner’s forgiveness(which is true) but let it be something that is actually inspired by the love you have for your partner. 

Help them out with things without them asking, spend on them and buy them gifts to show how much you love and want them back in your life. 

Let your words and your actions also show them that you care about them. Do not give your partner the room to think that you don’t care about them, this will help you mend your broken relationship.

Be Honest

For a relationship that is crashing, you don’t expect your partner to see you as one who is honest. How to save your relationship from falling apart is to make sure that you are honest with yourself and your partner. Let your word be something they can hold on to and not end up disappointed. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Be transparent with everything you are doing. This will help to change your partner’s perception of you.

Rebuild Trust

Trust is very important in a relationship. That your partner is able to trust you is something really great in a relationship. For a relationship that is about to hit the ground, you have to rebuild your relationship by rebuilding the trust your partner had for you.

If trust is lost in a relationship, the relationship is actually going nowhere. Remember, you can not build trust in one day, it takes time. Be patient enough with your partner to make sure they are able to trust you again, especially with their feelings.

Do Not Be All About Romance

How to save your relationship from falling apart is not to be all about romance. Yes, intimacy can help the bond of a relationship but not when your partner is almost going to leave you. Don’t give the impression of someone who is all about the sex. 

Once there is an issue in a relationship, your partner begins to see faults in everything that you both might have been doing together without complaining. Give them time to want you as they used to, do not be the one instigating the romance at this point. 

Appreciate Every Effort No Matter How Little

If you are one who finds it difficult to appreciate your partner, it is time for you to start doing it. Appreciating goes a long way in making someone feel pleased with you. You actually know that you have more love for people who appreciate you no matter how little what you do is.

Your partner needs to be appreciated for every little effort if you want to mend a broken relationship. Saying “thank you” is a way to appreciate someone but appreciation must not necessarily be those exact words. You could find other suitable words or even go as far as showing them how much you appreciate them. That is how to save your relationship from crashing.

Pay Attention

If you were actually paying attention to your partner, the relationship would not have gotten to this point where it needs salvation. Learn to pay attention to your partner, it would help you to know how they feel and also get you to see what they are not saying in their actions. 

When you pay attention to your partner, you will know when your attitude is not pleasing to them or when you are hurting them. You will also know when they are still in love with you and when they are being uncertain about the relationship. This will give you a heads up about things in your relationship.


To rebuild your relationship, you have to be ready to make the necessary changes required. You will even have to compromise on certain things and stick to the habits that make a relationship last long. Finding someone who loves you the right way is something worth holding on to. And if by any chance things try to get bad, then efforts are to be made to see that you don’t lose that your significant other. Good things don’t come by easily, so we should guard what we have with jealousy.