7 Ways to Start a New Relationship With a Man

New relationship comes with a lot of excitement. Starting a new relationship with a man who feels the same way you feel is a dream come through for every lady. But, no matter how free, relaxed and excited you may feel in the new relationship, you should also know that there are ways to start a new relationship with a man in order for the relationship to last. You should also know that there are habits to make your relationship last longer.

  • Get to know each other

Knowing someone goes way beyond their names, where they work or what they do for a living. For a new relationship, knowing your partner is very important because it would help you to know if you guys are actually compatible or not. Everyone loves attention, and we tend to get attached to anyone who gives us attention. Yeah, he calls, he checkers up on you, buys you gifts and so on, but still that’s not enough to say you know the man. Different people have different values, beliefs, likes and dislikes. These are important things one has to know when starting a new relationship with a man. 

Don’t  just keep quiet enjoying the sweet feelings that come with a new relationship, ask questions. Everyone wants a partner that is going the same direction with them, not one whose view of life is different from theirs. Talk about your likes and dislikes, this will help you to know how to relate with the person, thereby having a good relationship with the man.

  • Spend time together

Nothing can replace a physical meeting. No matter how much you call, text or chat, it can not replace the feelings or satisfaction of being present with your partner. Spending time together with your man helps to bring you guys close and it also helps you guys to know more about each other.

Spending time together creates time for romance in a new relationship. Apart from the romance that comes with spending time together, you actually get to know more about a person when you are with that person. The attitude over a call or chat or even video is totally different when you are with the person. 

It is during the times you spend with the person that will help you know if you can actually start a new relationship with the man or not. Phone calls and online chats cover a whole lot of things about a person, things become clearer when you stay with the person and spend time with them. According to INSIDER, a research has it that couples build intimacy through hundreds of very ordinary mundane moments in which they attempt to make emotional connections. So, to make connections with your partner, you have to spend time together. 

Spending time together should not only be in the bedroom, you can spend quality time with someone you are starting a new relationship with in other places like, going to see movies, going to the beach or going on a date.

  • Be real and honest

Be real! No matter how well you pretend, you can never hide from who you are or hide your real character. What stops you from being real to the person you love? It is very wrong to start a new relationship with a man pretending to be who you are not. You can not be comfortable in a new relationship when you are not being real. The ease and relaxing you should have in the new relationship will not be there.

Don’t try to hide yourself, let him know you for who you are. Your personality is one of the reasons why a man would like you and want to be with you. Don’t pretend to like what you don’t like because of him, don’t say you are comfortable when actually you are not. Make yourself comfortable in the relationship and also make the partner comfortable being with you. Being honest is one of the habits that will help your relationship last longer.

Honesty is a good virtue. When you are someone who is honest, you will attract more love from the man you are starting a new relationship with. Also, make sure that the man you are starting a new relationship with is a man who is honest and real to you. Pretense and dishonesty is something that will eventually be spotted out no matter how long it takes. So, when starting a new relationship with a man, you should make sure you both are real and honest to yourself and to the relationship.

  • Listen

It is good to express yourself when you are with your partner but also don’t be the only one who has something to talk about. Be a good listener! Everybody wants to have someone who they feel safe talking to, someone who can listen to them. 

There are people who if it is only their own opinion that matters, this is very wrong. In as much as you want to be understood, you should also try and understand your partner. And, to understand someone, you have to first listen to the person. When starting a new relationship, you should be able to listen. This will help you to know and understand what plans your partner has for the relationship, what your partner likes, his idea about the world and his perception of things.

Listening helps you to know the kind of person you are starting a relationship with. People are not so different from what they say, the kind of words that a man says are words that have formed inside the man, and people tend to act the way they think. Your predominant thoughts are always expressed by your words and actions.

  • Avoid comparison

No one likes to be compared to another person. Comparison kills the self esteem or confidence of the person being compared. People make the mistake of comparing their old relationship to the new relationship they are about to start. You get to compare how your previous partner calls you every hour of the day but this new partner of yours only calls twice and the rest is via chats.

Before you start comparing, try and understand that people have different personalities and you don’t expect them to act the same way. Everyone has what goes for them. Comparison will not change the person, instead it would make the person start feeling like they are not good enough for you.

As a lady being compared is not how you should feel at the beginning of  a new relationship with a man. If you start a relationship being compared to someone, it means that your partner wants you to be who you are not and on the long run of that relationship. You will not be able to replace that person that the man wants you to be and that would make the man to lose interest in you. 

Comparison is something to look out for when starting a new relationship. Be sure your partner accepts you for you and not accept you with the hope that you will become someone else. Also, be that partner that does not compare their partner to someone else.

Actually, if that person you are comparing your partner to is so good, then why did you leave the person? Comparison is a relationship killer, do not compare.

  • Don’t talk about the past

It is called “past” and it belongs somewhere, in the past. Yes, there’s always a past before a future but still that does not mean we should carry the past into the future. We can only learn from our past experiences, not talk about them. A relationship that is always reminded of the past will always be dragged behind. You can’t be living in the past and also expect to live in the future. 

When starting a new relationship, avoid talking about the past or your past experiences. How you should feel about the beginning of a new relationship should not be based on the experiences you had in the past. You are starting a new relationship because you want to move on, so move on and stop dwelling in the past.

Talking about your past can be toxic in a relationship, it is something you should get over with and enjoy the new relationship. Leave the past where it belongs.

  • Talk about your future plans for the relationship 

Everything you are venturing into should have a future plan. Before starting a new relationship you should decide what you want out of that relationship. You and your partner should talk about your future plan for that relationship. Get to know what he wants for that relationship. There are people who do not want to get married, or have kids, they just want to have a relationship with you but it would not lead to marriage. Even if you guys get married, they do not want to have kids. Talk about your future plans with the person, this will help you know if the person is going the same direction with you. Because if your future plan is different from that of your partner, then one of you will be a huge distraction to the other in achieving their plans for the future. Know the reason why you want to start the relationship with the person and also get to know if you guys have the same future plan for your relationship.

This will help you to know if you can start the new relationship with the man or not. It will also help you to know where to place your relationship with the man and what to or what not to expect in the relationship.


Starting a new relationship is amazing, especially when you have the knowledge on how to start it. You don’t just jump into a new relationship because you are lonely or because someone asked you out. You should be able to know the necessary things that one should know about their partner before starting a new relationship. Ask the right questions and do not allow your emotions cloud your sense of judgment. When starting a new relationship, you should plan to have a healthy one that will last.

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