Best Flirty Questions To Ask Guy

Flirting with a guy you like or let me say have a guy you have a crush on can be exciting and intriguing. It gives you this adrenaline rush that brings a smile to your face and makes you grin and leaves your cheeks coming up like it’s is right now… Nevertheless, the thought of flirting with a guy can be terrifying and scary especially because as a girl you don’t want to be rejected by this guy or better still you don’t want to get a cold shoulder.

Well, before we get you all prepped to flirt with him, let’s understand why you want to flirt with this guy. Do you want to flirt with him for fun or to know his intentions towards you or better still see if a relationship with him is possible?

I’d like you to figure that out if you haven’t as this will help you select the perfect questions to ask him and get the perfect response you seek.

If you have let’s quickly take a look at…


1. Who Is Your Ideal Girl

Every straight guy has his ideal type, and this flirty question will allow him to describe a mental picture of this person to you. It lets you see what he has in mind as well as know if you are his ideal girl. If he does, Girllll, you’re in for something positive, if he doesn’t well, it is what it is.

2. Do You Have A Crush

A crush is someone of the opposite sex who you have special feelings for. And this flirty question can let that guy open up to you if you are his crush. Yes, it can get him to start thinking about you immediately and confess love to you.

3. Do You Have A Girlfriend?

Now, this is the flirty question that lets you know if there is space for you or if there isn’t. Just let it out, put it out there to see what reaction will be provoked, get to see if he talks about someone or mentions your name playfully.

4. Will You Want To Go Out On A Date With Me?

This flirty question is direct and depicts confidence. Going out on a date is different from just a casual meetup to gist and drink, this is a formal date. Ask him if he doesn’t mind dressing up, getting fancy flowers, and coming to pick you up to eat in a nice lovely restaurant and watch his response.

5. What Do You Wear To Bed?

This flirty question sounds sensual, right? Well yes, it does send a message. It’s a spicy way to create an image in his mind and while he’s contemplating what to and, you can tell him yours to his ears slowly and slowly you know, get him in the mood.

6. What Do You Think About Sex?

Introducing sexual conversation when talking to a guy is a beautiful way to flirt with him. You can start with asking him about his favorite sex position, sexual fantasies, or escapades. Get to see what he answers, from there let conversations spark up.

7. How Did You Get To Be So Cute And Charming?

This flirty question right here lets him know you admire him. He will know you’ve definitely been checking him out and this will make him look at you in a cute way. A guy also loves to be admired and telling him how cute he is will definitely give him an adrenaline rush especially if he is attracted to you too.

8. How Can You Be Single?

A guy who gets asked “how can he be single” knows that you might have interest definitely in him and it sends a signal to him.

9. Do You Love Pets?

Dogs and Cats are the most pets people keep, bonding with your crush over pets is a very cute and lovely thing. Ask him to know the kind of pet he prefers, tell him about yours too if you have one.

10. What Do You Fancy About Me?

Get him to talk about things he has been quietly and secretly noticing about you. He might even tell you some of your strengths that you might not know about yourself. 

11. What Turns You On And Off?

This flirty question is rather adventurous. It signals him that babe is interested in knowing him on a deeper level and it as well gives him the freedom to open up to you wholeheartedly. Make sure you know your closeness with this guy though before you proceed to ask this question as he ordinarily might not want to reveal them to you. If he does well that’s a + make sure to have them saved in your head because you’ll definitely need to work with them one day.


Flirting with a guy you like can be fun if you know what to say and when to say it. These 10 Best Flirty Questions To Ask a Guy will help you move from just friends to getting the guy of your dreams to ask you out remember to make it very natural.