The Border Town: Chapter Seven

“Ebosele joined one of the lines. The children walked purposefully; heads raised high, eyes fixed ahead. He knew where they were headed. He had seen it in the Koob. He raised his head above the children before him. He longed to see something; anything that would raise his hopes. Border Town had nothing of the beauty he had seen in Esidarap. It was even worse than the state of nothingness. It was neither dark nor bright; just bland, with horizons that lacked colour, like the abandoned canvas of an amateur artist. There was so much noise and so much heat here. And the ground looked and felt like red dusty clay. Ebosele looked down at his feet. For the first time since timelessness began, his feet could touch and feel the warm earth. He hadn’t realised he would miss walking. But he had. The hum got louder; everyone could hear everyone else’s thoughts. Ebosele wiped the perspiration off his brow. He was too preoccupied with his own thoughts to concerned about other people’s thoughts right now. Why had he passed through Esidarap and the Koob before Border Town? Why was he sent to the better places first? The Koob hadn’t given him those answers.
“Well, that’s because your mind has just framed these questions.” Regrup said. “The Koob provides answers only to existent questions, my child.”
Ebosele turned and saw Regrup smiling down at him.”
Ebosele looked at Regrup. He looked like an overgrown Sburehc.
“I am not Sburehc, my child. I am Regrup, master of Noitagrup. The Sburehc are not children. They are older than time itself. That is the form they accepted before Hewhay. Here, I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Look…”
Ebosele watched as Regrup spread his hands out in the air.
He was indeed everywhere at the same time, encouraging each child, listening to their thoughts and answering their questions. It was as though there were as many Regrups as there were children on the plain.
“Keep up, I’ll be right behind you.”
Ebosele smiled and increased his pace. Regrup was not just master of Noitagrup, he was master of srewsna as well.


The children all stopped walking. No one had told them to. They just knew. Deep in their minds they knew it was time.
Ebosele remained in his place, as the other children did.
“Welcome to the state of Noitagrup.” Regrup announced in a gentle voice.
It was as though the atmosphere waited to hear that voice. It suddenly got dark; so dark that Ebosele could no longer see anyone. As the atmosphere got darker, Ebosele noticed he was in front of a large dark balance. What were scales for again? He wailed inwardly.
“Climb onto the scales please…” Regrup instructed.
The force lifted Ebosele off the ground, onto the scales. As soon as his feet touched the metal, the balance dropped, making the slightest of creaks.
“Your journey begins.” Regrup called out as Ebosele’s weight pressed down the scales.

Ebosele felt wind rush past his face as he suddenly felt his own weight. He wondered where the other children had gone. He wondered if each of them were at that very moment being weighed on scales. He was alone; he felt alone. The scales kept dropping. Ebosele wondered when he had become so heavy. The scales kept dropping. It was as though he was falling…

“Come down from the scales please…”
Ebosele was lifted back to the earth.
“You’ve been weighed on the scales. You’ve dropped down the pit of Noitagrup. It’s time to meet Hewhay, master of Tnemegduj.
Ebosele’s head reeled. “Master of what?”
“Master of Tnemegduj.” Regrup repeated calmly.” He folded his hands under the dull robes he wore. “Your journey is at an end my child…”
“Was I found wanting?” Ebosele asked. He was suddenly scared.
“Do not fear my child. It’s not in my place to find you wanting. I am merely a servant of Hewhay, and no one knows the mind of Hewhay.”
“What do I do?” Ebosele asked again.
“Nothing.” Regrup answered. “Only stay still, my child.” With that Regrup dissolved into thin air.
Ebosele stood there, alone and scared.

To be continued…