The Border Town: Chapter Six

the-border-town-2“Thank you so much Sir. God bless you sir.” The young man smiled at Ebosele. He was beside himself with joy.
Ebosele felt peace deep within his being. This was one of those moments he was proud of. He could still remember that hot afternoon. He had been returning from one of his usual job hunts with just a little money in his pocket. A young man had approached him and begged him for money to buy something to eat. Looking at the man, Ebosele had been so moved that he had instantly given him all the money he had left. That was before he had become rich… Many years ago…

Some force lifted him through the crystal clear atmosphere through the good he’d done in life. There were smiles on all the faces he came across; even persons he didn’t remember ever meeting. He saw times he had gone into the confessional to accuse himself of his sins before God. It was awesome, the way dark clouds cleared up at those moments. Tears came to his eyes again, tears of relief and of joy. He saw the many persons he had employed in his company; the foundation he had set up to cater for children with disabilities. He was thrust in and out of shiny crystals of good deeds he never believed he had been able to achieve…

“Climb down from the scales please…” The musical voice sounded, bringing Ebosele back to the Koob.
The force lifted Ebosele off the scales to the ground…
“Any questions?” Ecitsuj bearer of srewsna asked Ebosele.
“No Sir!” Everything was suddenly clear to Ebosele. All his questions were answered. He had seen both sides of the Koob, and he knew all he needed to know. Above all, he had an overwhelming impression that he did not deserve the mercy of Hewhay.
Ecitsuj smiled. He looked very feminine with the smile playing around his eyes and mouth. “No one deserves the mercy of Hewhay my child. No one! You may depart in peace. The Sburehc will lead you.”
As Ebosele turned round, the Koob dissolved and he was once again in the company of the chubby faces and pleasant voices of the Sburehc.


“Is this the precipice of Esidarap?” Ebosele asked when he could no longer see the mirror sky above him.
“Yes child, welcome to the precipice of Esidarap.” The Sburehc chorused harmoniously.
Ebosele could see the difference between Esidarap and the next state. “And that’s the Border Town? He asked again, pointing ahead.
“Yes child, that’s the Border Town,” the Sburehc chorused. “That’s where your purgation begins.”
Ebosele nodded knowingly. He had seen these places in the Koob. Ecitsuj, bearer of srewsna had opened his mind to them.
“This is where our journey with you ends child. Fare well. May you see Hewhay.” With that, the Sburehc floated around and dissolved.


“I’ve been waiting child. Welcome to the Border Town. I am called Regrup. You’ve been to the Koob, you’ve been weighed in the scales. Now you’ll know your fate. Look…” Ebosele looked where Regrup pointed at. He was still trying to take it all in. Before the Sburehc were completely gone, this figure had suddenly appeared before him. What was it pointing at?
“… behold the souls to be purged.” Regrup finished.
Ebosele looked at the children moving in straight lines on the plains. He couldn’t tell their number. There were thousands and thousands of them; impossible to count. None looked younger or older than him. It was amazing. They walked with solemn faces towards the horizon.
“Come,” Regrup said, “follow me to your place.”
Ebosele floated behind Regrup. That feeling that he didn’t deserve the mercy of Hewhay overwhelmed him once again…

To be continued…


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