To that brother still struggling

Hello, this is to all the men still struggling to get off the poverty line
This Journey is an arduous one, very tasking and on the road thereof lies so many things that will cause you to want to loose hope.
But I bet you my brother only the strong perseveres and only the wise wins.

God created us all and he loves us all equally.
So many purposes were we created for, so once you discover your purpose and follow the trail, your journey has started off on a very good note.

Tounges will wag :
They will talk about you in the very most unpleasant of ways, so brace up brother and fend off all the hurting accounts about you, don’t let it cross your ear let alone get into your heart. Tongues  besides coordinating the sense of taste were made to wag and your case won’t be different.

They will reject you:
Brother it is only success that people want to identify with, nobody wants to identify with a man not yet made. They will reject you, your wise counsel and your good intentions.
Don’t let it deterr you, keep your eyes on the price brother.

They will tempt you:
Your temperament and elastic limit will be tested and you’d constantly face temptations that will almost make you want to give up. A smile and walking away always does the magic. Never venture into what you can’t finish no matter how enticing and make wetin you no fit buy no hungry you.

My brother be open to learning.
Let not hardship change your sweet ways.
Greed will surely cut you down.

Get penny-wise, the little pennies you see as nothing will always run into something huge as time goes on. Imitate the ant and save for the rainy day. Never engage in whatever isn’t gainful unless on humanitarian basis. I must warn you, love is not bought, stop spending on women of easy virtue. And never spend to get loved in return.

Family is very important, without them all that is left is a shadow of you. Honesty will keep you going because you can’t afford to loose a very scarce trust no matter how little. Let humility be your watchword, let the words Please, Sorry and Thanks not be heavy for you to spit out courteously at will. Never forget to pray, I tell you there is a God, He is here amongst us and I have had cause to believe, He never abandons those who trust Him, He always comes in at the Nick of time.

And when you finally arrive my brother, never forget your days of little beginnings.
Identify those struggling like you did and help them on their way up, even if they disappoint you Please don’t stop doing good. Always bear in mind finally brother that nothing you have is yours and you’d not have them forever, You must forfeit someday even if it means in death.

God bless you all, I’d be in touch, see you at the next level.

Yours Sincerely