Casual Dating: Can It Cause Inferiority Complex?

Everyone wants to feel loved and be shown a certain level of attention. Most people choose casual dating because they get the same feeling one can get in a serious relationship without having to be committed to a relationship. To some people, casual dating gives them a certain level of peace because they wouldn’t have to worry about being dumped by anyone or going through heartbreaks.

Meaning of Casual Dating

Casual dating can be said to be a relationship of convenience, where people involved are not expected to be committed to the relationship. A relationship where you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want it and however you want it. 

Casual dating is an emotional and physical relationship that may or may not involve sex. In casual dating people get to know each other better without having to be committed to the person.

In other words, casual dating is a relationship you have with someone with no strings attached or commitment.

Casual Dating vs Serious Dating

There’s a huge difference between casual dating and serious dating. Casual dating involves a certain level of commitment to the person you are dating and there are actually no terms and conditions applied.  But in a serious relationship you are committed to the person you are dating.

There are things you are not expected to do when you are in a serious relationship, you can’t have sex with anyone you like because it would be seen as cheating unlike when you are in a casual relationship. In casual dating, you can decide whether or not you want to become intimate with the person, but when in a serious relationship you have automatically become intimate with that person.

When you are in a serious relationship, things are no longer done when you want them to be done, now you have to consider your partner and this involves doing things to suit not just yourself but also your partner. 

Most times, people like casual dating because they don’t want the commitment that comes with being in a serious relationship, where you are told what to or what not to do or being restricted to do certain things.

In casual dating you get to decide how many people you date at a time, unlike when you are in a serious relationship that only allows you to date or go out with only one person. 

Casual Dating Outfit

Everyone loves to look good. Outfits are a very important aspect of our lives and our dressing or outfit tells a lot about us. It gives us a sense of value and it also helps to build our self-confidence. There’s this popular saying “your dressing determines how you will be addressed” or “dress the way you want to be addressed”. 

Everyone wants to have that sophisticated look whenever they are seen. For every occasion or meeting there is an outfit that suits it. You can’t go to a wedding party dressed like one who is going to the mall or going to visit a friend. 

Same thing applies when it comes to casual dating, your outfit has to be casual. The outfit being casual doesn’t mean you should dress anyhow just because it’s a casual date. Also, you can’t be going on a casual date and be looking all seductive. Your outfit has a voice of its own, you might not want to be intimate(have sex) with the person you are casually dating but your outfit can actually be the opposite of what you are saying.

There are lots of ways to match your clothes in order to look casual and still very beautiful. On casual dating, your outfit shouldn’t be uncomfortable for you or the person you are on the date with. It should be simple and nice. 

If you are finding it difficult to understand how you can be able to match your outfits to look casual, you can go look for some of them online in places like casual dating reddit where people discuss such things randomly.

Remember, outfits are very important aspects of our lives.

How to find Casual Dating

There are online websites and apps where you can find people or rather where you meet people who you can go on casual dating with. If at all you have someone in mind already, then you don’t need an online dating site to help you connect with the person. 

Before you start a casual date, you should be able to know if the person you want to be in this kind of relationship with wants the same thing as you do. You should sit and discuss it, tell the person what you want, how you want it. You can’t just start up such a relationship without knowing if you guys are compatible or not. 

If you are meeting the person online, then your profile and the person’s profile should be very similar, this would mean that you guys share the same values and things can work out between you two. But if it is someone you already know, then it is necessary that you guys discuss and get to know if things can work out between you two. Because you can’t be in a relationship with someone when you have a different understanding of things.

It is at this point that you guys would decide what is obtainable in the relationship and what is not. If eventually you find the person, these discussions will now help each of you to know your boundaries in the relationship and also help the relationship to be such that it will be successful.

Inferiority Complex in Casual Dating

Feeling inferior or having an inferiority complex depends on one’s mind and how the person sees or understands things. Casual dating is a kind of relationship that should have no emotional attachment or commitment between the people involved in it. 

Inferiority complexes can begin to develop when you suddenly start feeling a certain kind of emotional attachment to the person who you are casually dating, especially when sex is involved. There’s no way you will constantly be seeing someone and being intimate with the person for a certain period without developing some level of feelings for the person. And sex has a way of making you feel attracted to someone even though it’s not an intimate relationship. 

At this point you might begin to look for signs of a bad relationship and be the only one feeling this way, the other person might not even have gotten to that point of being attracted to you in the same way you are. You might begin to feel jealous or inferior whenever you see your partner with another person. 

This feeling would continue and might get to the point where you start seeing yourself as one who is not good enough or you start feeling inferior. Not because the person said or called you inferior but because you have gone beyond what was initially agreed before you guys started the relationship. Of course, there are ways to know if a man only wants you for sex. This feeling of inferiority can also develop depending on what you were expecting in the long run of casual dating. Most people start casual dating with the expectation of it evolving into a serious relationship with commitment, while for others it’s just casual. When you notice that you now have feelings for the person you are casually dating, you should try and tell the person to know if the person feels the same way for you. 


A casual relationship should be kept casual as many have reason(s) why they get involved in it. For some, they just got out of a relationship and do not want to get committed to anyone, or because they want to pay attention to their career without having to worry over relationship matters. 

In order to avoid inferiority complex in casual dating, be sure to understand what is applicable and what the outcome might be before accepting to start one. If you are able to handle it, then you go for it but if not, you should have a rethink so you can save yourself from feeling inferior thereby having a damaged self-esteem. Nobody is inferior!