Episode 1

Attention Please, this is the final boarding call for Passengers on flight W3 107 Arik Air JFK to Lagos, please kindly proceed to Gate E63 . . . .

Emeka has just been jolted into reality as he had drifted into thoughts on events of the past few days which had made it pertinent that he embarks on this trip back home.

******* 2 Days Earlier ********

Emeka was making his way back from the copier, in his hands were documents he had gone to make duplicate copies of.

As he walked back to his workstation, he was interrupted by a beep on his cell phone, he checked it and it was a BBM message from Edoziem his younger brother. He checked it to see the message;

” Broda, please call me as soon as you can, agwo nokwa n’akrika”

Anxiety got a grip of him and he wasted no time in hitting Edoziem’s. Line, it didn’t go through at first and on a second try, he hooked up as it was ringing.

Edoziem : Helo, Broda

Emeka : Bobo kee ife oooo ?

Edoziem : Broda ookwa Mumsi ooo, BP d woman arigokwa again nke ojoo ya oooo.

Emeka : Hey, ewoh ! ( He screamed out, drawing attention of co-wokers ) keezi ife melu nu ?

Edoziem : Nwanne oburogodi nke anwa 1st, ife na ekwo kita bu na akpojego ya uno ogwu, ono na drip and the cardiologist si na odi ka aga eme ya refer to another hospital.

Emeka : Chai , Nna kedu udi onwunwa di nkea ? Okay you know what ? I am calling you back in few moments.

He ended the call and dialled Jefferson.

Jefferson : Helo dude, what’s hapnin ?

Emeka : I’m cool mehn

Jefferson : you don’t sound cool mehn, what’s up with you dude ? You aint telling me som’n. Is this about Francesca ?

Emeka : No mehn, Francesca aint part’a this

Jefferson : Then what the hell is it mehn ?

Emeka : Remember last time I told you about Ma Momma ?

Jefferson : Yea mehn, I sure do

Emeka : Ma kid bro just rang me up couple’a minutes ago, he says Ma Momma aint feeling good mehn, her Blood pressure kinda overshot, you know what am sayin, and its fuck’n critical mehn.

Jefferson: Hey you aint gotta worry, let’s go check her up. I’m on leave mehn.

Emeka : dude you know how hard it is getting some time off ma job, my boss won’t wanna let go mehn

Jefferson : you try to explain that its a life and death thing mehn and its family, come on you give it a shot.
I’ma call ya soon to know whatsup.

Emeka rang Edoziem again and once he picked up, he announced that he was sending them a thousand dollars and would also be joining them in three days. Edoziem was a bit relieved.
Jefferson is an African American cardiologist friend of Emeka, they had been friends for quite a while and they related like brothers.

Being a very good data analyst, Emeka’s was so useful at IBM where he worked that it took his detailed explanation for his boss to graciously grant him a three weeks leave of absence.

Emeka had wasted no time in sending money to Edoziem and was now at the departure lounge of John F kennedy international airport in New York on his way home.

Jefferson had a week before the Nigerian authorities approved his Visa and he had come to drop Emeka off at the airport, Emeka would in turn be picking him up a week later at Murtala Mohammed international Lagos when he eventually arrives.

As Emeka stood up and proceeded to board his flight, He looked back at Jefferson who waved and said ;

Jefferson : See ya in few days bro.

Emeka : (waving back) I appreciate man.

Jefferson : have a safe trip home and tell momma, Jeff’s gon be around to spoil her silly. (He said trying to cheer Emeka up)

His effort had some effect as Emeka laughed and bade him good bye, disappearing from his sight as he proceeded with boarding formalities.

******* TO BE CONTINUED *******