Episode 3

At Medilux hospital Aba, Doctor Eugene Enwerem who had critically been monitoring the state of Mrs Ann Okolo, summoned Edoziem Okolo into his office and asked him to be seated.

As both Men sat down, the following conversation ensued;

Dr : Mr Okolo, I don’t know how you guys failed to manage her High Blood Pressure case until it became this critical.

Edoziem : Doctor what exactly are you saying, talk to me in plain terms, I am a man.

Dr : What I am saying is … ( Edoziem cuts in )

Edoziem : Doctor Enwerem, I brought her here so that you can manage her case, now please tell me the truth what are her chances of pulling through ?

Dr : Mr Okolo calm down, she will be fine if you move quickly to this hospital I am referring you to.

He brings out his cell phone and dials then after a while,

Dr : Hello, Dr Nwankwo, kee ije ?

(Silence and inaudible chatter on the phone)

Dr : Anyi di mma, ndi nke gi kwanu ?

(Silence and inaudible chatter on the phone)

Dr : Biko enweem a very critical case and I need an express attention for the patient m ga ezite to you.

(Silence and inaudible chatter on the phone)

Dr : obu a cardiac related case. Suspected cardiomyopathy and arrhythmias

(Silence and inaudible chatter on the phone)

Dr : Emego m ya subject to both EKG(Electrocardiogram) and Echocardiogram.

(Silence and inaudible chatter on the phone)

Dr : Anyway I am referring them to you, biko handle as critical.

He ended the call and looked up to Edoziem, smiling and said;

Dr : Mr Okolo, don’t worry, Mama gi will get better. Her case will be managed better at this place I am referring you to.

Edoziem : (sounding very desperate ) Biko Doctor where is this place ? And if we are going there let’s get moving

This new hospital was in Port harcourt.

Edoziem had to arrange for Obinna his cousin to convey them in the Sienna.

While Mrs Okolo was being transferred to the new hospital, Edoziem’s phone rang, it was a number that was not registered to his contacts, he hesitantly picked up and became elated almost immediately, it was Emeka, He had landed and was calling from Lagos.

****** TO BE CONTINUED **********