Episode 4

The bus conveying them to the local wing of the airport had just pulled in and they all alighted from the bus.

Emeka was still on the phone with Edoziem and was being given real time update on the happenings in Port Harcourt, he walked into the terminal, luggage in tow but absent mindedly as all his attention was on his conversation with his kid brother and the likely state of their mother’s health.

Emeka had just ended his call when he bumped into another passenger dropping his phone.

He offered his apologies and bent to pick his phone just to head bump into another lady who was trying to help him pick up his fallen phone.

Both: Aoow ! Ouch !
(They both held their heads twitching in pain.)

Emeka had bumped into a female airline official and catching a glimpse of the name on her tag, he quickly apologised in his local dialect since judging by her name she was supposed to understand as well as speak the Igbo language.

Emeka : Ndo biko

Official : Nsogbu adiro, asi m ka m nyere gi aka tuuta ekwe nti gi dara n’ala.

Emeka : Ookwa ya ka m na acho itutu tupuu isi anyi abuo ebikota onu.

Official : Ndo, ka m chotara gi ice biko.

Emeka : Mba ooo, enyela onwe gi nsogbu, obu gi ka m kacha emetara ebere.
Anyway I’m so sorry and I have to run along now.

Official : its okay Sir, thank you.

Emeka : (extending his hands for a handshake) Chukwumeka Okolo

Official : (Shaking His hands) Chidimma Enwerem

Both : (simultaneously) A pleasure to meet you.

They bade each other goodbye and left.

Emeka went to a nearby restraunt to quench his hunger. As soon as he was seated, he ordered from the menu and in no time his hot plate of Porridge yam was loyally waiting before him to be devoured, a cold bottle of water was on hand to re-hydrate Emeka and quench his thirst.

After his meal, he strode out of the restraunt, luggage in tow towards the Arik Desk, after confirming his flight for the next hour, he checked in his luggage and was given his boarding pass by the same official who he had bumped into.

Emeka : Haba, you ?

Chidimma : I didn’t know you were coming with us Sir.

Emeka : of course I am Port Harcourt bound but never expected to bump into you again.

Chidimma : of course sir, I wasn’t either.

Emeka : Does your head still hurt ?

Chidimma : (smiling) I’m perfectly alright sir.

Emeka : Okay. Thank you very much.

Chidimma : have a safe trip sir.

Emeka gave her N4,000 tip which she was glad to have and appropriately showed her gratitude.

Chidimma waved to him happily as He left.

As they ascended into the Lagos airspace, Emeka who was aboard the Arik Air’s Port Harcourt bound Boeing 737-800 Jet took one last glance from his window at Lagos which was fast disappearing into an expansive green background with dots, micro boxes and spiralling silvery lines, before He pulled down the shutter blinding his windows, placed his head on the head rest and shut his eyes for a little nap.

He was awoken when it was time to disembark at Omagwa.

As soon as he was off, he boarded a taxi to Olu Obasanjo road where the hospital was located.

******* TO BE CONTINUED ********