Episode 5

At the lobby of the hospital, Edoziem came to meet Emeka, his face was mixed with expressions of sadness and happiness.
Sadness because of their mother’s worsening state of health and happiness because he was relieved at Emeka’s presence.

Emeka : Nwanne m oooo ! ( Screamed Emeka as He strode towards Edoziem with their hands widespread for a big embrace )

Edoziem : Broda nkem ! ( They lock themselves tightly in an embrace for a while and then disengaged )

Emeka : Biko Nwanne kedu Mummy ?
(Please Brother where is Mummy?)

Edoziem : (in a very sad tone ) she dey inside, she dey complain of pains, dem don inject am since, Nwanne, Nwanyi ahu atago konkiri, ayogidego m Chukwu ka omezie ebere.
(Brother that woman has suffered a lot, I’ve prayed to God to have mercy)

Emeka : Biko kpojelum Mummy m !
( please take me to My Mummy)

They both rush towards the Henry Hendrix ward where Mrs Okolo was admitted.

As Emeka opened the door, the dam in him burst open letting tears flow freely.

Emeka wept at sighting his Mother in such a frail state with all the drip infusions.

Mrs Okolo was under heavy sedation and was still sleeping at this time.

When Emeka could hold it no longer he began to lament;

Emeka : Chineke biko, ana m ayo gi.
This woman atagolu anyi afufu so much.
( God please I beg Thee, this woman has suffered so much)

Chineke now that you are blessing me, bikonu let this woman reap the fruits of her labour.

Chineke nwanyi a ghere akara ka ozuo m na school.
(God this woman fried akara to see me through school)

Chineke remember my Jamb form was bought with proceeds from all her wrappers that she sold.

Chineke idunyere m America today through this woman who went round the whole Aba borrowing.

Biko ana m ayo gi meziere anyi ebere.
Ama m na igahi agharipu anyi.
( Please I beg you to have mercy, I know You’d never fail me)

You have never failed us and you will not.
I promise to talk a living thing to the altar if you restore my mother’s health.

While he was lamenting, Edoziem let loose the tears that had been brewing inside him for long. Some nurses around were wiping their tears too.

It was a very emotional moment at the Henry Hendrix ward of the hospital.

It took the combined effort of nurses and doctors to calm them down.

Both brothers later sat quietly at the corridors, while the doctor carried out routine checks on her.

****** TO BE CONTINUED *******

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.