Episode 6

Emeka after a while swiped his phone’s screen to check the barrage of messages on his screen, waiting for replies.

His eye caught messages from Jefferson and his boss.

Hi Mr Emeka,

Hope your trip was smooth.
How is Nigeria ? I hope your mother’s health is improving.
On behalf of your team here at IBM Data analysis I wish to let you know that Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

Louis Patterson

He forced a short smile on to his face and replied.

My trip was smooth and Nigeria is fine.
Thank you all for having I and my family in your thoughts.
I pray to rejoin you all in few weeks happier than I left you.
God bless you.
Chukwuemeka Okolo

Once the message inidcated sent, he hurriedly opened messages from Jefferson. Eight messages in all, almost bearing the same message.

Jefferson was worried that Emeka was yet to contact him. Emeka needed not reply him, he simply dialled Jefferson.

It barely rang before Jefferson answered.

Jefferson : Hey mehn ! What’s up ?

Emeka : I’m cool mehn. How’you doing ?

Jefferson : I aint heard from you since you bade me goodbye at JFK.

Emeka : Of course, I flew over the Atlantic mehn, its long haul and did catch a connecting flight to get to Momma. Just got here now and ……

Jefferson : (cutting in), Yea that brings us to the main point, how’s Momma doing ?

Emeka : Meeehn ! She aint fine bro. She aint looking good, I swear to God this lady’s been through so much mehn ! I’m really broken, Ma kid bro’s here with me, we all are broken, my cousin went all out on a 6 hour journey to fetch my pregnant sister from her distant home and my most lil sister’s in school, we don’t wanna disturb her studies, so we aint telling her yet.

Jefferson : I urge you to be a pillar to them, you gotta be strong for everybody. I’m already packed up and waiting to fly down there, you know what I’m saying.
But dude you aint gotta worry about nothing cos like I said it’d only get better.

They discussed some more and said their goodbyes ending the call.

Emeka was tired and jet lagged, he leaned back to rest and few minutes into his rest, Obinna drove in to the hospital’s parking lot.

Obinna rushed to the passenger’s door of the sienna and opened it for Nwanneka to climb out.

Emeka and Edoziem who were now more composed rushed to welcome their pregnant sister who had made it down all the way from her base in Nsukka.

********* TO BE CONTINUED *********

For Thou art with Me, Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort Me.