Episode 7

On arrival, pregnant Nwanneka hugged her brothers and urged them to be strong, the trio headed into the Henry Hendrix ward where their mother was holding hands together.
Obinna remained behind in the car, ready for any signal or errand.

At Zik’s Flat University of Nigeria Nsukka Nkolika Okolo was shivering uncontrollably,she was having a fever.

She dialled her mother’s line and it did not go through, after several attempts, she concluded that She might be in the village where she knew phone reception was very poor.

After a while she tried Edoziem’s line,
it rang severally but there was no response, she concluded that Edoziem might be very busy or probably might have his phone charging somewhere.

She then resorted to dialling her elder sister. An action which she had been avoiding because she didn’t want to add to Nwanneka’s stress in her advanced state of pregnancy.

After several rings and no response, she gave up and called Quincy her neighbour.

Quincy joined her shortly and was alarmed at the rate her temperature had gone high.

Quincy : Nkoli oo gini ?(Nkoli what seems to be the matter?) (Looking very worried)

Nkolika : Aru na enye m nsogbu (I feel unwell) (in her weakest voice ever)

Quincy : Since when ?

Nkoli : Ooo just bido oooo
(It just started)

Quincy : Hian ! Inugokwa ogwu ?
(What, have you had any medication?)

Nkoli : Mbao , akpogom ndi b’anyi enwero onye m nwetaa
(No, I haven’t been able to reach my people on phone)

Quincy : Ndi be unu kwa ? Ina ereka ure, ifuro ndi be unu iman nu ogwut ?
Biko bia ka anyi jee clinic.
(Your people, If you don’t see your people won’t you take medications? please let’s get to the clinic)

Nkoli : Bikonu ana m ajo ujo ogwu.
(Please I have allergy for pillsa and injections)

Quincy : Lekwanu m anya ooo, this girl ichoghi idi mma abi ?
(Just imagine, this girl you don’t seem to want to get better)
Look if you don’t value your life, at least I value our friendship and the Nollywood clips I borrow from you always, (she tried to lighten up their mood), you must come with me to the clinic at once.

Nkoli : Quincy bikonu kpojem be adanne m.
(Quincy please take me to my elder sister’s place)

Quincy : obu nwanyi di ime ka ina acho ije nye nsogbu?
(Is it a pregnant woman that you want to disturb?)

Nkoli : bikonu
( Please)

Quincy : Oya ka anyi jebe ejebe

Quincy helps her get dressed, flags down a taxi and the head towards Nwanneka’s apartment.

At the the University of Nigeria Nsukka Lecturer’s quarters, Block G house 18, the official residence of Prof. and Dr Mrs. Ukadike, they pressed the door bell repeatedly and their house help came to answer the door.

House Help : Welcome Aunty Nkoli .

Nkoli : What of Madam ?

Househelp : Uncle Obinna came this morning from Aba to pick her up, she went to Aba.

Nkoli : Did she forget her phones ?

House help : No Aunty. She went with them

Nkoli : Then why is she not taking my calls. (Trying to wonder why)
Eh heh, you said it was Obinna that picked her up ?

House Help : Yes Aunty, Uncle Obinna.

Nkoli : (Turning to Quincy) Nne biko nyekenem my phone.
(Please girl, get me my phone)

Quincy : Ejirom ya oooo
(I’m not with it)

Nkoli : Odi na akuku handbag mu.
(Its by the side of my hand bag)

Quincy : Okay ka m weta ya
(Okay let me get it)

Once Quincy hands her the phone, she dialled Obinna.

At the first ring, Obinna ignorant of the fact that the current situation in Port Harcourt was being kept from Nkoli answered the call.

Nkoli : Obinna so ibialu Nsukka inwero ike ikpo m na phone.
( So, Obinna you visited Nsukka and you couldn’t even call me on the phone)

Obinna : Mba ooo, odi anyi oke oso oso, (No ooo, we were in a haste) Sister Nwanneka won’t even let me stop anywhere.

Nkoli : So kedu ife ojee ime beh Mama n’Aba ?
(So what has she gone to Mama’s place in Aba to do?)

Obinna : Hmm Aba kwa ? Imaro na Mama no n’uno ogwu na Port Harcourt ?
(Hmmm Aba ? Don’t you know Mam has been hospitalized in Port Harcourt)

Nkoli : (Screaming) What !!!! ?

Obinna : Yes naaa, everybody is here, even Brother Emeka.

Nkoli : Emeka nke m ? So Emeka no na Nigeria, (My own Emeka, So Emeka is in Nigeria) Whatever that made him fly down here must be critical. (Appearently the fever disappears and She starts crying)

Obinna : Nkoli biko ebezina, Mama na adi mma, Kpakoo nno onwe gi onu.
(Nkoli please stop crying, Mama is getting better, pull yourself together)

Nkoli : Biko Obinna textielum Afa na Address the Hospital.
(Please Obinna text me the name and address of the hospital)

Obinna : Okay, I will do just that.

He ended the call and sent the text.
Nkoli thanked Quincy for being there for her so far and urged her to go while she proceeds to Port Hacourt.

Quincy insisted on going with her to Port Hacourt and a surprised but thankful Nkoli was grateful at the offer.

Nkoli : Nne you are a darling.

Quincy : Nne what are friends for ?

From there Nkoli and Quincy picked a cab to Zik’s flat, took their few personal effects, headed to the Bus station at Holy Ghost Enugu and boarded a Port Harcourt bound bus.

******* TO BE CONTINUED ********

For weeping might endure through the night, but surely Joy commeth in the Morning..