Episode 8

It took a combined effort of the two Okolo brothers to calm Nkolika Mama’s last Child down.

While everything was calm, they held prayer session upon prayer sessions for their sick mother.

Quincy was helpful and steadfast in her support to the Okolos.

On evening of the Eight day, Emeka drove with Edoziem’s car to Omagwa in wait for Jefferson’s arrival.

Jefferson had just landed in lagos and was driven by Arik airport shuttle to connect to his Port Harcourt bound Arik flight.

In two hours Emeka was walking up to Jefferson to welcome him and help with his luggage at the arrival lounge.
They first hug each other.

Jefferson : What’s up mehn ?

Emeka : I’m cool mehn, how was your flight ?

Jefferson : My flight was okay mehn, you don’t fucking lie to me, you aint looking good, Goddamit !

Emeka : (with a drooping shoulder) It’d pass mehn, lemme get you to your hotel.

Both men enter the camry, Emeka pulls out of the car park and sped off towards Protea Hotel where he had made a reservation for Jefferson.

Once in the room, Jefferson dropped his bag and sat on the bed, Emeka promised to come back whenever Jefferson must have had enough rest. As Emeka made to leave, Jefferson grabbed a box and followed him.

Emeka : Hey mehn, you just flew over the Atlantic, you are definitely Jet lagged and should rest your bones mehn.

Jefferson : Quit talking and lead the way, I aint here to sleep, I’m here like I told you to give Momma a good time.

Emeka : You’re unbelievable mehn, you aint even gon grab a nap ?

Jefferson : C’mon lead the damn way.

Emeka : What’s in the bag you are coming with ?

Jefferson : That’s my fucking tool box and I’m’a fix up your Momma real quick.

They both laughed as they entered the elevator.

When They get to the hospital, Emeka did not like what he was seeing.

Everybody was looking sullen, Nkoli and Quincy who had just come in from their hotel were crying.

Edoziem was holding their pregnant Elder sister Dr. Mrs Nwanneka Ukadike who was in her late tri-mester and had been sent into forced labour due to hyper anxiety.

The medical team were making frantic moves, there was a sense of urgency in their moves. They were racing against time.

When Emeka and Jefferson entered the ward, Mrs Ann Okolo was now on a life support machine, her heart beat rate was steadily dropping.

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep the mornitor kept going.

After a while, the beeps increased and the rate of urgency of the medicals also increased as they battled to stabilize Mrs Ann Okolo.

After a while the Beeping was continuous and won’t stop Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !!!!!!!!

The Doctor turned, looked at Emeka and Jefferson and shrugged his shoulders.

Mrs Ann Okolo had suffered a cardiac arrest, her heart has failed.

Meanwhile a stunned Jefferson who had just entered with Emeka snapped into consciousness.

Jefferson : What the fuck !!!!!! (He ran toward Mrs Ann Okolo, He pushed aside the surprised Doctor, quickly removed his back pack, unzipped it, brought out a small machine and yelled at the medical team) Get me the fucking defibrillator plugged to a power source!!!!

They obliged him without delay and plugged it into a power source.

In a flash Jefferson yanked off the top blanket on Mrs Ann, cuts open her blouse, rubs an electro-conductor gel he brought out from the same bag all over her chest and placed the electrode pads of the defibrillator on her right chest region and lower left chest region, he then grabbed the paddles, charged up the defibrillator and placed the paddles on each electrode-pad, Zapp!

The electric current from the paddles came surging through Mrs Okolo as she twitched.

Jefferson repeated the process and Mrs Okolo’s heart starts beating again as the life support Machine resumes the Beeping sounds.

They looked at the mornitor and sure she was alive again, breathing well.

****** TO BE CONTINUED *******

The Son of God came that we might have life and have it abundantly.

And He said to Lazarus, Tali Takum !!!!!