The Effects of Covid-19 on Relationships and Marriages

When the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID19 a global pandemic, not only the economy, schools, and organizations in countries were affected. But the pandemic has also caused extensive damage to marriages and relationships throughout the world. So here, we’ll look at Covid 19 and its effects on relationships.

Covid 19 is a virus that has been causing havoc in the world. This is the first time in human history that the majority of people have been forced to live without partners for an extended period. And this has led to low self-esteem, depression, and a lack of romantic fulfillment.

Here are some of the effects of Covid-19 on relationships…

Lack of intimacy reduces love in a relationship

One major effect of COVID19 on relationships is that it has led to a decrease in intimacy. And this happened because many were afraid of being affected by the virus. Nobody was really sure if their partner had contacted covid 19. And as a result, they had to stay away from them for a while. 

Though, many people are aware of pandemic effects on corporations but very few are aware of its effects on individuals’ lives when it comes to relationships and marriage. There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to Covid 19, especially its effects on relationships. The virus has made it difficult for couples to communicate with each other, which led to resentment or anger.

An increase in divorce rates

Because of the difficulty of intimacy between partners. And it’s simply because they were not absolutely sure if their partner had contacted the Covid19 virus. The fear of Covid 19 was negatively associated with marital satisfaction.

By the way, during this period, some couples found that they had more time to talk and share their thoughts, which is a good thing while some felt like they’d have to stay home from work to take care of their sick loved ones more than usual, which could affect their own personal time and goals.  

Led to increased conflict and strife

This is because the virus could cause mood swings, irritability, and even anger. 

The pandemic has made it difficult for couples to maintain their marriage and have a healthy relationship because they have to focus on their own well-being rather than others. When one person is sick, the other person feels like they cannot care for them properly and this can lead to a lot of arguments.

Restrictions in movement caused stress

You could imagine someone who likes partying with friends, but later couldn’t go anywhere anymore… This actually caused boredom to many people. It is possible that this increased conflict could lead to a breakdown in the relationship.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on relationships, marriages, and families. For example, parents complained that they hardly have time to take a deep breath. This is because of the parental care towards children and the rest of the family, unlike when kids went to school and parents at home could go about their daily job. 

An increase in the divorce rate

The pandemic also led to the separation of many couples. Couples who had never discussed divorce before the pandemic resorted to divorce after the lockdown was over. Many realized that they were not compatible due to the changes that occurred to partners during the time.

Decrease in sexual desire

Living in a separate room, a forced long-distance relationship, excessive childcare, as well as limited opportunities for social contacts and hobbies, all put a strain on the nerves. In a survey conducted in China, 22% of participants reported a decrease in sexual desire, while 41% experienced a decrease in the sexual intercourse frequency; 30% reported an increase in the frequency of masturbation; 20% reported a decrease in alcohol consumption before or during sexual activities, and 31% reported a deterioration in partner relationships during the pandemic.

Death of loved ones

Also, the occurrence of the covid19 pandemic has led to the death of many people who were in relationships and marriages, the pandemic also led to the separation of many couples. Another thing to consider is the effect that Covid 19 has had on children who have lost their parents due to the virus. This can be a huge emotional burden for these children who are still young and can’t do anything for themselves. This means these children had to take up responsibilities that are bigger than them.

In Conclusion

Covid 19 is a virus that has caused many people to be infected. This virus has created a lot of problems for people who are in relationships and marriages.

After the COVID-19 lockdown, passion and intimacy in relationships changed. The number of time couples spent with each other during the lockdown has significant implications for relationship satisfaction.

For some couples, the pandemic provided an opportunity to spend more time together at home, which helped couples bond in ways that I believe would not have occurred otherwise. 

Even if some couples are no longer spending as much time together, they are making time for quality time together and with their families as a result of how much their homes have positively transformed.