How To Develop Intimacy With A Man

Do you feel you and your man are no longer connecting? Or maybe you two now get into arguments easily and communicating with each other hasn’t been great? Have you tried developing intimacy with him? That can actually solve the problem you know.

Now, in developing intimacy with your man, you need to understand that it’s more than sex. We often miss intimacy to be sex. However, sex is not the foundation of intimacy and it’s not what is primarily needed. Intimacy starts from the simple things, the little things most especially. In this article, we will be discussing how you can develop intimacy with the man of your dreams.

For you to want to develop intimacy with your man it has to be that you two are looking at something future-oriented, with intimacy comes commitment. You don’t build intimacy with someone you’re not ready to be committed to because intimacy is not just a walk in the park, it’s developed over a gradual period of time. The following are practical ways to develop intimacy with a man of your dreams. 

7 Practical Ways To Develop Intimacy With A Man

Like we’ve said earlier, connecting with your man is much more than sexual connections, there are emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical connections. Let’s talk a little about each of these connections, shall we?

So, when you’re emotionally connected with your man that means you both are expressive with your feelings. When you both are connected mentally, that means you two have shared interests, similar intellect, and chemistry meaning you both are knowledgeable and have a vast understanding of things together, which makes communicating better.

For spiritual connection, this is divinity, you both are able to share and talk about your faith and Christianity. And lastly, physical attraction has to do with physical attraction and how desirable you find your man.

These connections are all needed for you to develop intimacy with a man in your own way, and help you foster your relationship.

Now that we’ve understood the above, let’s jump right into the practical ways to develop intimacy with a man.

1. Physical Touch

This is the first way to develop intimacy with a man, for example when you go out you both can hold hands, lock your hand into his when both are taking a walk, etc. Practice other forms of public display of affection (PDAs) while in public, let the world know he is yours, don’t forget to take note of his reaction as this will help you know what he likes and when he likes it.

2. Communicate Vulnerably

Communicating with your man helps you not feel disconnected from him. Most especially when you both are vulnerable with each other, be honest, communicate in an honest vulnerable way, share with one another what has been working and what hasn’t been working, get to know each other much more, likes dislikes and etc.  Talking helps you both in the long run.

3. Be Spontaneous

New experiences have a way of healing and mending connections between people, take things that he doesn’t think you can do and try them out. Be unpredictable, be willing to try out new things. Show up at his workplace with a cake or better still send it to him. You’re not the only one who deserves a gift, he does also.

4. Compliment him often

Men love been complimented on things they do for you most especially the tiny things that they don’t think you noticed, in relationships, it’s very easy to get carried away by the big things whereas the little things get overlooked, you be committed to highlighting these little things to your man and thanking him for them, e.g Thank you for emptying the garage.

5. Activities

The little things can help you build a better connection with your man, you both can go skydiving together, take evening walks, go on dates, walk the dog, and etc. These activities are get planed by you both while planning you both have fun through sharing of ideas and etc

6. Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Sex is not the only thing you too can always do together, you both can just lay back, laugh together, talk about the stupidest things, you two smile out loud about it. This even helps make sexual intimacy be better. Do fun things and spend time with each other.

7. Do something with him

You have lots of friends right, males, females, besties, etc. but there are things you do with your man that you don’t do with other men. Let him know what it is, tell him that he’s special to you, and prove it.


Sex isn’t the only way to build intimacy with your man, don’t get carried away by this belief. Take a step into his world practicing these 7 practical ways to build intimacy with your man, and build intimacy back in your relationship. Don’t forget to tell us about it, good luck.