How To Develop Intimacy With Your Partner In A Relationship

Intimacy is a major ingredient for a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship. It requires openness, vulnerability, and understanding amongst all. Now, here’s a catch, intimacy does not just come by in a relationship, it is developed and in developing intimacy with your partner there is a need for full participation from both parties.

Intimacy is when you and your partner are able to connect with each other in the most vulnerable way, and you two are able to share each other’s love with one another where you both accept each other too.

So, if your relationship is hitting the rock bottom and you need a quick fix or you are seeking strategies to develop intimacy in your relationship, these 12 ways below will definitely come in handy.

12 ways to develop intimacy with your partner in a relationship

1. Know Each Other’s Love Language

Understanding the love language of your partner is important in a relationship. By love language, I mean the way your partner wants to be loved and how he/she expresses love. It goes a long way in helping you understand the best way to communicate with your partner, how to resolve conflicts when this occurs, and lots more. There are 5 proven love languages and since everybody has their own specific ways, it is recommended that you know your partner’s way of receiving love to enable you to adequately express it.

2. Set Aside Time For Your Partner

Deliberately and intentionally setting aside the time for you and your partner is very important in developing intimacy with your partner. It is also a way to let your partner know he/she is important to you and that feeling is priceless. You can practice this by setting aside time for you and your partner to go for an adventure, take a walk, see a movie, have sex, go for a date night, etc.

3. Talk With Your Partner

In building and developing intimacy with your partner you have to learn how to talk with your partner. Communication is such a great way to enhance intimacy, it gives no room for unnecessary assumptions. Through talking you’re able to know your partner’s likes, dislikes, activities, and many more. 

4. Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is when you’re open to your partner. Wherein you both can talk about everything and share in each other’s life.  In developing intimacy with your partner you need to be able to express yourself verbally, share what’s discomforting you and what burdens you. 

5. Compliment Your Partner

It’s very easy to get carried away and not want to talk, which is why you have to intentionally say the sweetest and nicest things to your partner, like  “you look beautiful”, “you look handsome” and etc, say these things most especially when they aren’t expecting it. 

6. Do Something New Together

Doing something new together with your partner is an exciting way to develop intimacy in your relationship. You both can find a book to read together or a project etc. In doing this, you get to rub minds, share new ideas, share your thoughts, and tadaaa you are one step closer than you used to. 

7. Show Affection

In developing intimacy with your partner, it is important to show him/her affection. This can be achieved by giving them your rapt attention during discussions, making eye contact, generally paying attention to them, walking around in public and holding each other’s hands, sitting on each other’s lap, etc. Showing affection to your partner helps you both build physical and emotional intimacy. 

8. Improve Yourself

Improvement increases attraction which can, in turn, help you develop intimacy with your partner. This includes taking care of yourself, treating yourself with respect, improving your dress sense, winning at work, and everything that has to do with generally becoming a better person. No one wants to stay with a loser.

9. Send Random Cute/Dirty Messages To Your Partner

Randomly sending cute yet dirty text to your partner is a great way to develop intimacy with your partner. You leave him or her with a dangling smile on their face and thought of you in their heart how cute. Spice up your relationship with this but be sure to send this type of text at the right time to help you achieve your goal…

10. Shower Together

Showering alongside your partner is another great way to develop intimacy with your partner while spicing up your sex life. It will help you both relax in each other’s presence and break down certain barriers towards sex for example. You and your partner should totally try it out. Hopefully, it will help.

11. Show Appreciation

Appreciation is another good way to go about developing intimacy with your partner. A simple thank you after your partner does something for you no matter how small or big will go a long way to gladden their heart and even push them to do more.  Everyone loves to be appreciated and knowing that your partner appreciates you gives you a sense of belonging and helps you cling to him or her more.

12. Be Your Partner’s Support System

If your person understands he or she can count on you when things have gone south, that is you developing intimacy in your relationship and it is totally precious. Let your partner know he/she can count on you, be there when they need you. Don’t be a judge when they have messed up and come to you, be their safe place in the whole world.

In Conclusion,

It is important to know that in developing intimacy with one another there is no room for privacy even though you should have your life outside the relationship. Doing or sharing almost everything in your relationship as included in these 12 ways to develop intimacy with your partner in a relationship, helps you build relationships because intimacy has a lot of togetherness to it. Try out the ways and remember to share with us if it did help your relationship in the comment section. Goodluck.