How To Get Over Him When He Snubs

Most men do that deliberately. Don’t make any excuses for him. It’s a clear indication he is only after the cookie and puts up this attitude when he has gotten it or couldn’t get it. Some other guys would put up this attitude to get you to apologize if they think you’ve done something wrong and they demand an apology, while some would just put up this attitude to make you miss them or so you get to know their worth and so pretend you’ve lost them. Whatever reason, it is either meant to hurt you or they don’t really deserve you to start with. Have you verified that he’s totally fine and you have tried to fix things without any results? Here is how to get over him – how to handle him when he snubs.

#1 Don’t do what they expect you to do

Yeah, you’re going to be tempted to stalk them, and that’s definitely what they want you to do. Stalking is such a bad idea if you really want to know how to get over a snub. Stalking will only leave you very conscious of the attitude they’re putting up.  So, just cut it.  You’ve also got to repress that urge to call them too.

#2 Don’t fake to be strong

You know when they post about other girls and you feel like replying them to prove that you are down with it and it doesn’t really MATTER A THING? That’s crap! You know it does matter a thing, so just keep your cool. Mourn within you or just let his life be. Feigning to be strong is not how to get over him. Let the sleeping dog lie.

No man is ever going to come back to you if they don’t want to. And most men won’t give a second thought about hurting you if you’re pushy about getting their attention.

#3 Delete that number

You know, that number which pulls up the emotion that makes you want to call, delete it. He needs to see that you’re no more at his status, he needs to see that you’ve moved on, even though this isn’t exactly true, make him feel so. That’s a disappointment to his attitude and if he wants you back for real, you’ll see him running back home.  That’s how to get over him and maybe get him back at the pleading end.

 #4 Get a life baby

You’ve got to live to forget him. Do something else. Get a big laugh, go find some laugh, go on a hangout with the girls, and flirt with other guys. Do your hobbies. Just hangout out. He probably may not come back. So, stop sitting around like you’re grieving. Go get a life baby! That way, you’ll get over him.

Get out of that thought that you should have been nicer. How to handle a snub? Be a full time snub yourself. Give him three times the attitude he gives you. Don’t be nice, I say again, don’t be nice!


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