How to Get Over Someone You Love So Much

If you’re wondering how to get over someone you love and move past a breakup that seemed to come out of nowhere, it’s important you read this page carefully.  

You see, many people feel as if they’ll never find love again since this specific person didn’t return their love and ended things so suddenly—but this simply isn’t true. And I’m going to prove that to you in the next few minutes. 

Maybe you’ve tried your best to stop worrying but, it’s hard to simply flip a switch on your feelings. You are not alone. Lots of people have experienced this in their relationships and marriage. But they don’t know what to do thereafter.

Getting over someone means that you’re making space in your heart for a person who will actually deserve to be there. 

By following these steps, you’ll be able to get rid of what’s stopping you from moving on. And you’ll be able to bring the happiness you really deserve to yourself.

Don’t Blame Yourself

I know that you may be tempted into over-analyze why the relationship ended and wondering if there’s something you could have done differently. Listen, these thoughts do nothing but to bring blame to ourselves. So, don’t feel bad about what has happened. You can still move on without the person.  

Delete the Person from Your Social Media Accounts

If you’re finding it hard to let go of someone who has caused you pain in the heart, then it’s time for you to stop checking his or her posts, pictures, and tweets and you need to consider removing such a person from all your social media accounts. 

This may look difficult to do but let me be honest with you, it is going to make you comfortable. Because you’re not doing it for anyone but yourself. You want your heart to be at peace. You want to move on with your life and forget the person who has caused pain in your heart. 

So you should consider doing this. Seeing what they are up to all the time is only opening the emotional wound over and over again and that wound will never have its chance to heal. 

Try New Activities

If you really want to get over someone who blindsided you with a breakup, one of the best things you can do is to try new activities. Let’s say that you’ve wanted to learn how to play piano, a new skill, or hang out with your friends, you should use that as an opportunity to achieve your goal.  

When you do that, not only are you opening yourself up to having some fun and meeting interesting people, but you’re also proving to yourself that life goes on even after this person is no longer in your life or in your heart.

Remove Every Physical Reminder

It’s necessary to get rid of things that remind you of him/her. For example, if you still have pictures of you and your ex in your apartment or on your phone,  or items that this person gave to you, it’s going to be that much harder to move on because he or she is still present in some form in your life. 

When you want to get over someone, you shouldn’t hesitate to clean up and clear out your personal space so that you can make room for special memories with someone new.

Look to the Future, Not the Past

Looking back on what has happened to you and the memories you’ve had together can limit you. If you stay by thinking about the breakup, you’ll not move forward. You should rather look at the beautiful future you want to have. 

Focus on thinking about the right kind of spouse you want to end up with. Imagine the beauty of your marriage. Doing this will make you find happiness quickly. It will help you realize there are plenty of great people out there who want you and you’ll begin to attract them.

Remember, frustrations can make it especially tempting to dwell on the person you already love but committing to looking forward, and not back into your past, even if it’s difficult, will make you move on.

Do Workout

It’s essential you restore your emotional balance. And the most effective way is physical exercise. Exercises can help you get rid of tension and negativity. Make a plan to do exercises. It may be as simple as jogging every morning. You can go to the gym or to a swimming pool. You can learn to dance. Turn up your favorite songs, and dance for as long as you are able to move. You will have fun and get in shape at the same time.

Don’t Get Angry

I understand that when something goes contrary to our plans, as human beings, we get angry. But you know what, failures are a part of life. And love failure is one of them. You shouldn’t start hating yourself or all the representatives of the opposite sex. Know that you will see your own happy ending. And don’t wish bad luck on your beloved one — they don’t have to make sacrifices for your happiness. Do things that will make you happy every day. 

Find a Trustworthy Confidant

Open up. Don’t keep your painful feelings bottled up or stored in tiny boxes. Talk to someone you trust about what you’re feeling without editing out the feelings you don’t like. Your friends and family members can offer support as you work to heal. They may even have some helpful insight or wisdom to share from their own experiences. If you feel someone is judging you or your choices or making you feel bad in other ways, it may be wise to limit your time with them.

Talk to a Therapist

One of the effective ways of getting over a toxic relationship that has caused depression to you is through therapy. It is a helpful resource when you have a hard time living your life as you typically would. Or you are confused about your feelings. And it is helpful when you find yourself in a dark place or have trouble acknowledging or accepting your feelings

A good therapist provides a safe, nonjudgmental space to explore emotions and talk through strategies for productively addressing them. A therapist can also teach you coping skills to manage these feelings until the intensity is over.

It’s always best to seek professional help right away if as a result of the breakup, you are experiencing consistent depression, or have thoughts of suicide.

Many People Out There For You

Come to think of it: there are over 7 billion people living on this planet today. Right now, you may feel like that person was the only one created for you but we all know that isn’t the case. 

You probably believe that nobody else can make you laugh again. That is not true. The thing is, everyone is unique in their own way and there are many more people who will connect and bond with you in so many awesome ways…even beyond your expectation. Open your heart to receive the right person that awaits you.

In Conclusion

Now you know how to let go of someone who doesn’t love you, what will you do today to take a step back from this person and give yourself the true happiness you really deserve?  

Loving someone who doesn’t love you is a burden. Give yourself the gift of freedom and wholeness. Don’t let a single day pass without showing yourself, love.