How To Keep A Girl Interested

So you just started dating this girl, you love her and you perhaps want a long-lasting relationship with but you’re not sure how to keep her interested? Well, you are not alone. You see getting a girl to accept and date you is actually not that hard, keeping her interest is the main deal. Let’s face the truth content is the reason why we stick to certain things, it is also why you will gradually ditch a food you were served that looked alluring yet tasteless at the second bite.

In keeping a girl interested you have to pay attention to her, improve yourself, do the little things that speak volumes, etc. This is because every girl wants to be cared for at the same time, no girl wants to date a loser.

So in keeping a girl interested, your communication, attraction game, sense of humor, confidence, etc. should be on another level. Here are some 5 ways to keep a girl interested in you let’s divulge into them.

5 Ways To Keep A Girl Interested In You

When it comes to attraction, she’s very particular about it, she wants to know she can be attracted to you, not just in looks but also mentally, emotionally, and intellectually I mean who won’t want to date a sensible guy.  When she’s attracted to you it makes your communication and expression of love easier. This is why this article highlights these 5 practical things you should do to keep a girl interested in you.

1. Establish Connection

Communication is always said to be key to a successful relationship no matter the type and it sure is. When you communicate with the girl you love, about things like your experience, job, family, visions, future, etc. and she does too. You both create a covalent bond whereby she knows a lot about you and you do too. Which in turn guarantees safety, interest, and intentions. 

While having these conversations be sure to raise only interesting topics so you don’t end up boring her, also make sure not to frame things up in the process.

2. Ensure You Are Self Confident

Confidence is attractive you know and every girl wants a confident man. Now I’m not asking you to be prideful or go about showing how well-composed you’re no, that’s a turn-off. I’m asking you to just be a confident you.  Your Confidence is your super-power so, show off your confidence in who you are, your capabilities, and your character.  Self-confidence goes a long way, as putting your best self out there takes a whole lot and speaks a lot of volumes. 

You will keep a girl interested in you when she can clearly see that you’re being yourself and you carry yourself so well that it commands respect.

3. Ask Open-Ended Questions

When having a conversation with her, be sure to always ask “open-ended questions”, these questions make it that she has to answer and this keeps the conversation going. Don’t ask questions that require a 1 answer reply that can quickly make the conversation can go dry. 

Make sure you ask the “why” questions, get to know the reason why she’s into things, or she’s doing them. For example, “Why is she into business instead of working a (9-5 office work)” why she likes tall guys over average guys, why she loves football, etc. Questions like this will keep a girl interested, it will get her to share a story of how it happened, get her to fully express herself and from there you can venture into more topics and more topics.

4. Keep Curiosity

Curiosity is the mother of interest. Don’t overstretch it though that can be boring. Now, when you go another giving her just hints that will keep her guessing you will keep a girl interested. You can spring up curiosity with sudden date night, gifting her suddenly, dropping highlights to be discussed later, etc.

Lit up her curiosity level and keep your babe interested.  

5. Don’t Talk Future Plans

Don’t jump the gun, if you want to keep a girl interested. Discussing future plans with a girl you just met or just went on a date with can be very very scary. It will leave her overwhelmed and that is not advisable or encouraging. I know you might think isn’t that what she wants, or why not she already agreed to date me.

Well, that can discourage her from continuing in the relationship because even liars use that line too. And what if she’s not ready for marriage yet or she has a phobia for it. There are a lot of What if’s and even if what you are about to say is the truth just let things set in gradually.  


Keeping her interested in you doesn’t have to be a whole lot, especially when you practice these 5 Ways To Keep A Girl Interested In You. Make sure you pay attention to her,  create opportunities to have physical contact with her, talk more and try out activities that can help promote conversation that will enable you to get to know more about her. Goodluck.


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