How To Know If A Girl Cares About You

You probably have met lots and lots of girls who at one point or the other wanted to know you, connect with you, and even like and care about you.

However, most of these girls had different motives behind their gestures, you’ve probably found out what their real motives are and this has, in turn, made it hard for you to know and point out a girl who really cares about you.

We agree that this is not so easy for you because a girl’s true emotions are not easily known nevertheless, we’ll love you to know that when a girl cares about you, she’ll show it, express it, and more importantly talk to you about it either directly or indirectly.

10 Ways To Know If A Girl Cares About You

Figuring out if she likes you can be a lot of work but it’s possible. Here are 10 ways to know if she cares about you. Let’s take a look at it.

1. Her friends knows about you

Girls always share stories with their friends, if she cares about you, she definitely would have talked about you with her friends, she would have talked about what she likes about you, how she feels about you, and more importantly, how much she cares about you. They’ll know about you even before you meet them, most times they know so much about you.

2. She gets jealous

Jealousy isn’t always a good feeling. It can be a good sign though, but it can help you know if a girl cares about you. For example, her mood changes whenever she sees you talking to another girl when you don’t call her, or maybe when you don’t give her a compliment when she dresses nice.

3. She makes fun of you

This can happen most especially when you both are friends, you like her and she likes you but because of your friendship instead of telling you, she makes fun of you.

4. She stares at you affectionately

If a girl cares about you, she won’t miss a chance to stare at you affectionately staring. Most times will catch her in the act other times, she stares and hides it.

5. She remembers a lot about you

A girl who cares a lot about you will remember all those tiny details about you from when you both have conversations with one another. She remembers things like when you said “you love to sleep with the lights on”.

6. She wants to meet your family members

A girl who is interested in you cares a lot about knowing and meeting people you call friends, family, and loved ones. She’ll automatically make friends with them and even get along with them fine.

7. She wants you to be happy

A girl who likes you will be concerned about your happiness, and will always be interested in making you happy. Yep, if a girl cares about you, she will strife to solve your sadness, she will love to see you happier. She will try to entertain you if that’s what it takes to see you happy and even follow you to see your favorite sports.

8. She encourages and supports you

If a girl cares about you she will always give you 100% support and encouragement. She’ll be your number 1 fan and whenever you have a project or exploiting something new, she is willing to give you all the support, talk, and encouraging words you need.

9. She’ll make out time for you

When a girl cares for you, she’ll always make out time to be with you even though her schedule is tight. She’ll find time to join you, watch your favorite sports, or anything else that catches your fancy. She’ll never be too busy to talk to you on the phone or respond to your chats.

10. She’ll apologize to you when she’s wrong

When she mistakenly does something that hurts your feelings and she notices that it does, she won’t hesitate to apologize to you genuinely because she cares for you. If she doesn’t, she won’t even notice she did something to hurt you or the apology will be superficial.


If you recently just met this girl, you enjoy her company, but you want to be assured she cares about you the same way you do… Worry no more… Follow these 10 ways to know if a girl cares about you, and see if she exhibits these attributes if she does then boy you have a girl that cares about you. Congratulations in advance.