How To Know If A Guy Cares About You

There is always a time in a relationship when we pause to do a quick gut check wherein we ask ourselves some how’s, what if’s, and even why’s. Every woman might have experienced this at least once in a lifetime especially when this guy seems too good to be true or maybe you’ve had your own share of heartbreaks in the past leaving you’re hesitant to fully let yourself fall again.

Whichever the case may be, it is totally ok if want to know if a guy cares about you, so if you and this guy have been seeing each other for some time now, he makes you feel secure, smile, and happy, you enjoy each other’s company, you talk, hang out, gist, laugh and smile together but you don’t know if he cares about you.

Join me in today’s article. Let’s find out if he cares about you, how he would show it, and much more because girl, you don’t want to start fantasizing about this dude when maybe he’s just being a nice guy…

10 Ways To Know If A Guy Cares About You

1. He Wants To Spend Time With You

When a guy cares about you, he will always want to spend time with you no matter how small. He will enjoy your company, every minute spent with you will mean something to him and to top it all he will even initiate a hangout sometimes, just to spend quality time with you. 

2. He Is Happy For You

If he is happy when you are happy then this guy genuinely cares about you. A guy who cares about you is always interested in your happiness. He’ll always be willing to help you reach a goal so far it makes you happy. He’ll always be interested in seeing you smile.

3. He Make You Feel Important

One of the surest ways to know if a guy cares about you is by judging how you feel when you are with him.  If there is this feeling of importance, value, acceptance, respect you get when you are close to him,  then it’s a sure sign he deeply cares about you.

4. He’s Honest With You (Always)

With mind games being the order of the day in today’s dating world, one of the ways to know he cares about you is if he is honest with you. Now I don’t mean he should be pure without sin No! I mean if he never hesitates to apologize, opens up to you about his life, his feelings, and even what he wants then he cares about you. He is looking to strengthen your relationship with him and build trust.

5. He Introduces You To His Friends (Loved Ones)

Everyone knows how important family and friendship are. We place immeasurable value on our family members and friends so much because most of the time our lives connect to them in one way or the other. Now if he has invited you to meet his friends, family members, or loved ones, he has literally invited you to be part of his life. He cares about you and he wants you to meet with those that he also cares about. 

6. He Seeks Your Opinion And Values It

Actions they say always beats intentions, when a guy cares about you he seeks your opinion or suggestion and respects it. For example, he had a fight or a confrontation with his co-worker, he tells you all about it and asks what you think, he listens to you when you speak, and then considers your opinion.

7. He Remembers Tiny Details About You

You know how you both had conversations and you just say things without even knowing you said them? Well, a guy that cares so much about you will pay attention to those words you say and remember them or at least try to remember them.

8. He Listens To You With Rapt Attention

Rapt attention, while you speak, is one scarce attribute a guy who cares about you should have. Though hard to come by these days, if a guy cares about you he’ll pay close attention to you when you both are having a conversation. He’ll listen to understand your point and respond to either agree or argue it as the case may be. 

9. He’s Your Sound Board

If whenever you’re upset about something or you’re in a not-so-good mood, he functions as your go-to person and your advisor then he cares about you. A guy that gives you advice and lets you know what you did right or wrong genuinely cares about you.

10. He Doesn’t Want To Go To Bed Angry With You

A guy who constantly puts in effort to resolve issues with you super cares about you. Letting issues linger for so long is in no way a good thing. It leaves room for bitterness and resentfulness and you don’t want that baby girl. 


Is an established fact that men and women don’t communicate the same way… As frustrating as it is, we just have to find a way to know that he cares, especially when he doesn’t say it soon enough. To do this, find out his love language, then thoroughly go through these 10 Ways To Know If A Guy Cares About You and see how willing he is to develop intimacy with you

If he does, he will be willing to do 3-5 of these 10 things and even more for you because his affection for you motivates and drives him.