How to Know If a Man Wants a Serious Relationship With You

How to know if a man wants a serious relationship with you?  And what are the early signs he wants a relationship? All these are important to know before you go deeper into such a relationship. This is because when dating a guy, it’s natural to develop deeper feelings as you spend more time together. 

But it is quite common that the stronger your feelings for someone, the more fear you will have that they will hurt you. In those moments, you begin to doubt and want to know if they are serious about the relationship. There are some early signs he wants a relationship which you have to consider.

If you’re wondering how to know if a man is serious with you, keep reading this article. I will reveal to you how to know if a guy is serious about you. And that will give you the opportunity to get to know your partner in-depth and evaluate the possibilities of a future together.

Here is how to know if a man wants a serious relationship with you…

He always wants to be with you

The fact that he always tries to spend more time with you is a sign that he wants something more serious with you. This is evident when, for example, you have many more dates per week than when you first met, indicating that his interest in you has grown as well. On the other hand, if you’re getting fewer and fewer dates, and he always has an excuse not to see you, it’s probably because you were just a hobby for him, and he’s tired of you.

Aside from wanting to spend more time with you, another sign that he wants to do something serious with you is when his plans become more elaborate and fun. This does not imply that he must always be thinking about extraordinary dates, but it is true that he will make an effort to have more special moments with you on occasion.

You are in his priority list

Another sign that a man wants something more serious with you is when he prioritizes you. This is visible when he has other interesting things to do and still chooses to do something with you, unless he has to go to one of the other appointments due to a commitment or because it is truly something very important.

However, if you’ve noticed that this guy only goes on dates with you when he has no plans or nothing better to do, that is, he considers you his “emergency plan,” it’s because he has no plans right now. It means he has no desire to begin a serious relationship with you.

He calls or texts you every day

How to know if a guy is serious about you? Let me ask you one question. Does he call or text you every day? If so, it’s most likely because he adores you. Daily communication is how to know a serious man in relationship. When a guy wants to know how you are on a daily basis, it means he misses you and can’t stop talking to you. If you don’t consider it, who would waste their time calling you every day if they don’t like you enough to begin something more serious?

In contrast, if he only talks to you to meet during the week, or if you have to constantly call or text him to know that he is alive, it shows that he has no strong feelings for you.

He wants to know more about you

It is completely normal to want to know more about someone when you really like them or begin to feel something deeper for them. As a result, when a man is interested in every detail of your life. As in, he asks you about your past, your aspirations, your way of thinking, and even your points of view from a movie or a book, he is thinking of having a more serious relationship with you. That means he enjoys listening to you and makes an effort to understand all of the stories you tell him.

He uses more love languages

While that person is reserved in expressing their feelings to you or discussing more formal stability in your relationship, they may begin to use more loving words such as ‘I adore you, I love you, I love you” or call you by affectionate pseudonyms. This demonstrates that the two of you have trust and affection for each other that they do not have with anyone else.

You go out in public together

You see, many couples prefer to keep their dates secret or not show affection in front of other people, especially before establishing a relationship and showing it to the public. That is normal, and it can cause doubts and even sadness, because one of those involved may believe that their feelings are not reciprocated.

However, when a man begins to express his feelings more publicly through gestures such as holding your hand, giving you more hugs, sitting next to you in public, it means he’s serious with you. He’s trying to admit to others about his intentions toward you or the nature of your relationship. So, be sure he wants something more serious.

Introduces you to his friends

This is a key point to consider if your partner is interested in pursuing a more serious relationship with you. Introducing you to his circle of friends, inviting you to family gatherings, wanting to meet your loved ones and blend in well with the environment, or making an effort to make you feel at ease in theirs. 

It’s a great sign that he sees you as someone with whom he can have a formal and stable love relationship because he values you.

So, when a man takes you to a location where he knows he can meet a family member or an acquaintance, it is usually because he already has enough trust in you and doesn’t mind if they see how happy he is to be by your side.

He sees you as a part of his future plan

This does not imply that he is already planning to marry you. But it means he wants something more serious when he includes you in future plans such as a summer vacation or a concert that he will attend in a few months.

Also, if he initiates conversations about how he wants his relationship to be in a few years, what he hopes to achieve, and his position on commitment. And most importantly, if he is seeking your opinion on the matter, it indicates that he wants a serious relationship. That’s how to know a serious man in relationship.

So, be completely honest at this point and ask some simple but not too direct questions about seeing each other in the future. You can even make a joke about it and observe his reactions.

In Conclusion

That’s how to know if a man wants a serious relationship with you. A man who is interested in a serious relationship will make you feel safe, loved, and respected. If you realize that your man complies with all of the things that I have given you, congratulations! Maybe he deserves a chance. You could take him by the hand and enjoy the future together.