How To Know If She Is The One

There’s this girl you like, you both have been going out together for a while, your family and friends are aware of her, but everyone has been asking if she is the one?

The truth is that knowing you’ve found the one, the right girl is not difficult as seems. Because when you focus on what’s most important to you, the characteristics she posses that you love and the future that you desire with her, finding the right answer will seemingly be easier.

Here are 10 questions you can ask yourself to figure out if she is the one.

10 Questions To Know If She Is The One

1. Do you see a future with her?

Do you find yourself making future plans, or talking about the future with her, For instance, the number of kids, who will dance best on your wedding day, your dream house and etc.? The future can be scary but with the one it can be one of the best things to experience.

2. Do you willingly want to spend time with her?

Do you always look forward to spending time her? or maybe when you’re away on a trip, do you look forward to being around her, longing for her company or seeing her? If she checks all these, then you got the right girl.

3. Does she share your values?

Values represent who you are and how you view the world, you have to check if she sees the world as same as you or not. This way you both will get to either exchange value or accept each other’s values.

4. Does she challenge you?

Ask yourself, does she challenge you? Is she ambitious? Does she have dreams and etc., these questions are important because when you’re not with her they are the things that will get her busy. Don’t you want to wake up to a woman that challenges you?

5. Is she willing to prepare your meals?

There’s this popular saying that “nothing connects two people together like Good Food”, you can agree with me that this is true. If she’s willing to prepare your best meal for you with joy, Boy, quit asking if she is the one because she definitely is.

6. Is she vulnerable with you?

Vulnerability can be a source of strength to your relationship. It is a growth opportunity for an individual and a way to find deep satisfaction in a relationship. Ask yourself if she share her concerns with you? If she let you in into her weaknesses, her failures her downs etc. If she’s willing to share these things with you, never let her go, she’s the one.

7. Do you feel comfortable sharing your concerns with her?

 In the question above, we talked about her vulnerability, now let’s talk about yours, is she someone you will love to share things that are bothering you with? Is she someone that can help you take away your stress, frustrations, and doubts? Do you find her to be someone you can share your low moments with? If yes you are lucky my guy because she’s the one.

8. Do you love having conversations with her?

Conversations are one of the best ways to get know someone and develop a bond of companionship with them. Having a hassle free conversation is like medicine to the soul. You want to have someone who can match you spiritually, academically, politically and etc. So if you love sitting down with her and you both just discuss things, issues, the economy, and many more other topics then worry no more she’s the one.

9. Do you care about what she cares about?

One of the ways to know if she’s the one is to ask yourself, if you do care about the things she cares about, for example, it can the things she loves to do for fun, like watching movies, shopping and etc., showing care for little things like these goes a long way.

10. Do you see yourself putting her needs before yours?

Putting her needs before you can look so simple yet it’s one of those ways by which you know that hey, you’ve found the one, if her needs have the ability to keep you busy, with you wanting to serve her and satisfy her that’s a good way to know that she’s the one.

11. Do other ladies seem less attractive?

What do you think about other ladies when you see them? Do you start comparing her to them? Do you draw up a conclusion automatically that there’s no babe like your babe? Attractiveness is a thing of the mind and if she’s the one you are attracted to, then, you’re sure on the right path,  she’s the one.

12. Do you disagree to agree with her? 

It’s difficult to find someone that agrees 100% with everything you think, it is important that you can disagree about something, and come to a healthy conclusion together. You both can disagree but still like each other, seeing from another perspective isn’t a bad idea.


By taking the time consider some of these 10 questions to know if she is the one, you’re guaranteed to make a decision that she is the one easily and faster. However if she checks all these boxes, do make sure not to let her go. Make sure you pursue her, go after her, and make sure you don’t lose her. Because you’ve just found a treasure. If peradventure she checks 70-90% of the questions she if the other percentage can be worked on and if she is willing to work on the with you if yes put in work…

Good Luck