How To Make A Girl Miss You

Are you about to start a new relationship with the girl of your dreams? Or are you in a long-term relationship looking forward to spicing things up with your partner? Or you’re tired of not getting noticed when you’re not there? Tired of thinking about her and wondering if she’s doing the same for you? You need to know how to make a girl miss you and implement it.

This article will help you quit asking questions like “how do I know I’m important to her?” How can I make sure she thinks of me when I’m not there? and how do I make her call me without me calling me first? because you’ll get to understand that it’s majorly about the game of attraction.

Now, when a girl is in love with you, she wants to be at the center of your attention, she is usually is willing to go the extra mile, she reads your actions much more than words now when you check all of these things she will always be vocal about your absence. She will come out directly with “I miss you” and “this happened, I wish you were here” statements.

That’s a feeling you want to have right? Well, You can get them if you read this article till the end and incorporate these ideas… 

Let’s jump right into it…

6 Tips To Make A Girl Miss You

1. Stop Spending Hours Everyday Calling Or Texting Her

Now, I’m not asking you to cut off communication with your girl. No! Communication is key to every relationship but bro, don’t overdo it. You want to check up on your girl, see the way she’s doing and know how her day has been that’s a cool thing to do. How about you schedule it? You call in the morning, and in the evening… That way you’ve given her space to miss you, call you, and even have something to share with you at the end of the day.

2. Get Busy!

When I say get busy I don’t mean get busy doing nothing “No” I mean get busy doing something valuable for yourself that will be beneficial to you. This can include getting yourself a job if you don’t have one, build your business, visiting places, or even investing in looking good.

The truth is no girl wants a weak man, another truth is that success is attractive so while you are busy doing you, you can leverage on your social media platform and post your snaps, update your profiles, etc. when a girl sees all these, she feels like you’re enjoying yourself without her, she will immediately start longing for you and start missing you

3. Be Sincere!

Every girl can be swayed by a sincere man, once you are real, open, genuine and a great companion her heart is yours and when you’re not there, you’ll be missed, she will long to see you, talk things with you and look forward to your input always.

4. Get Creative With Dates (Make Them Unforgettable)

There’s a saying that goes “give a girl the unexpected date of her life and she will never forget you” This is exactly what your target should be when planning dates with her, take her on unexpected dates on special occasions and sometimes randomly and see her refer to the dates time and time again. Every lady loves to be pampered and taken care of, deprive her a little bit of this and you will have her always missing you.

5. Invest In Helping Her Grow

You want a girl to miss you? Be like her parents… Help her grow whether with work, education, or even her hobby. Remember when you do something so well and people praise you… you immediately remember who taught right? that’s the trick this action will take a permanent spot in her mind and leave her missing you no matter what. So,  you got a girl you love? Encourage her, support her, spur her to reach great heights in her career, education, etc. get her to be comfortable sharing her goals with you, when you’re able to do this she misses you most especially when you’re not around to applaud her for things she does.

6. Inject Curiosity

A girl wants to know everything, actually, everybody does because humans are inquisitive in nature. Now, this means that when one is not satisfied with what he/she already knows, he/she will definitely want to know more. Now, you can make this work for you by sharing information about you that she’s interested in bits and pieces. You have to be careful here though, yes be careful not to lie or become secretive in the process because that will backfire and that’s not the goal. The goal is to information that interests her in bits, get her curious, expectant, and interested that way, she’s always on her toes, and yeah you have it she misses you. 


Attention is like food to a girl in a relationship, depriving her of it, will suddenly make her miss you and even show you that she does just the way you want to see it happen however this can only happen when you’ve made yourself a little unavailable, a moment after being the man of her dreams. Practice these 6 tips to make a girl miss you, implement them sincerely, and have the girl of your dreams miss you the moment you’re not with her.



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